Fairphone 5 Protective Case - needed/Alternatives?

Hi and thanks everyone for the many suggestions provided on this post.
I’m now also looking forward an alternative as I don’t feel the ‘official’ case is protective enough, sadly I came to this realisation only now and I guess I’ve missed the 14 days-return-policy of a few days only: can I request it nonetheless, given the product doesn’t actually respect its advertised features (“protective”) as repeatedly noted in this post? Does anyone in the community have experience with a similar return request?
I don’t mean any offense to Fairphone, I actually love the project and most of their products, but this FP5 case issue has been a not-very-fair point for me…

That said: I’m now looking for a robust case which can also easily cover the cameras, as I don’t use it often and they’re very exposed, and I don’t see any case mentioned in this post having such a feature. Am I wrong? If I am, apologies but please point me at it again, otherwise any fitting suggestion?
Ideally, I’d like to have a flipcase with a ring holder (another combination I didn’t find here and online for the FP5), so I’ll go well with a flipcase without the camera-window but with the ability to be 90° rotated on the case in order to vertically take pictures. Does anyone have any other possible solution for these requirements?

Thanks everyone again and moreover to those who can help me further in this search! :seedling:

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It’s about 1mm or a little more higher than the screen.

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The height of the hole for the camera lenses is approximately the same as for the screen, somewhat around one Millimeter.
Greets Harald.


I would try. Given I’ve broken my screen protector due to the lack of protection offered by the case, I’ve claimed to be reimbursed of both and they agreed. However I was in the 14 days period. They might be comprehensive. They have a nice customer service, but they also are a company, they have internal rules, you might be lucky or not.

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Just ordered my FP5. Will there be an outdoor case for the fp5 ? Something like the Otterbox defender cases would be cool.

Hi and welcome, moved your post here, have a look above ,although I think the short answer is no, or “only” for self-3D Print

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thx, for the quick reply. I’ve send the question to the otterbox support and asked them, if they are planning one for the fp5. Will post here, once I get a reply.


Hi! Did you get around to reviewing/trying the Belsimpel Mobilize case? I also fell into the trap of buying the official case, and am planning on exchanging it for another.

Thanks for your time!

Hey, sorry to hear that. Some folks managed to return the official case, perhaps you could do it as well.

Finally I haven’t purchased the belsimpel one, they put me on hold, so I got one from Amazon, see my posts for review

It is very similar to other items also reviewed in this thread

hi. I have been looking into more outdoorsy, waterproof cases for a while. I mainly considered three options

  1. Uniwersalne Etui Wodoodporne na telefon, Tech-Protect, czarne - sklep XGSM.pl

  2. Najlepszy sklep motocyklowy w Polsce | Liberty MotoStore

  3. MX-UN1 | Universal Waterproof Case for Phone – ARMOR-X

I had some waterproof cases at home, see the pics attached, but you couldn’t charge the phone in either of them, and the bicycle one didn’t allow taking pics

So I have decided for the Armor-X one. The diving one felt too thick.
The rookie mistake was getting stuff from Hong-Kong. The paperwork was off, I ended up paying thrice the price, for shipping and the customs, and the UPS mishandled delivery as well.

I got it today. It feels ok. I am not going to dive with it though. For obvious reasons you cannot reach the power button so it is not possible to turn on the phone while in case. With apps like wave up or with double tap on you can wake it. You can take pictures and they again feel good enough.

Due to all the issues with customs I have mixed feelings about advertising it. Perhaps the Italian case (number 2) would have been better.

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I just discovered this:

That looks pretty awesome. When I go to the US early next year, I think I will give it a try. (I don’t want to have to deal with expensive shipping and import charges.)
For now, I’m talking to one company who will print this bumper for me:


Does anyone know if there are foil skins/wraps for the FP5? I’m not a huge fan of cases and would like to have a foil skin to make the phone less slippery. I used a foil skin from Extreme Shields for my OnePlus Nord but they don’t have one for the FP5. Any ideas?


I just got a Rowan case from Bark Sweden. It’s wonderful :slight_smile: Slightly raised sides, all holes nicely centered, nice contrasting colors in the wood grain - just perfect. It seems I won’t even have to widen the charger hole (will see tonight, don’t have that charger here).
(I got the Bark case now because it wasn’t available before, and because I hated the transparent TPU case’s greasy feel - though I liked the look well enough)


I’ve just received my Bark Sweden wooden case, I got the elm one.

Well… it’s really wonderful, it looks better than in the pictures on the site. It smells of vax, like old furniture.

It looks solid and it’s border is around 1mm higher than the display which makes me think it should protect the screen in case of fall.

All buttons and USB port are perfectly accessible.

It’s by far the best case I’ve ever seen, really a piece of art.

I now think that one of the reasons to buy a Fairphone is that it fits into a Bark Sweden wooden case :joy::joy::joy:



As a follow-up, I report that at Fairphone support service they’ve been so nice as to offer me a refund, moreover they confirmed me that they’re aware of the issue about the FP5 Protective Case and are doing their best to develop a more permanent solution for the product (so go people! The more feedback the better they’ll have an idea what the customers want! ;D).

On the other side, I’m still looking for a case, as I still can’t find any which protects the camera (with something like a movable covering part): suggestions?
A flipcase, without camera window but which can rotate the phone to take pictures like the one found by @Dryhte in this same topic would do the job, but then I’m concerned whether its generic internal case would be strong enough to hold the phone or if I have to glue the very backside of the fairphone to it in order to avoid it from slipping away in case of abrupt movements.

Please let me know if any of you finds something fit my case (pun intended :smile: )!


the company BROTECT is making this foils for the Fairphone 5 but im struggling to find a proper place to buy.

looks like the one i was looking for as well, about 40 Euro with shipping thats not uncommon for those products. i will probably order one soon.

good find thanks.

someone already ordered one? i like to know the experience.


@T4om btw: you know is also on Amazon.nl?


Awesome, getting it right away! Thanks… (That NL link has it unavailable for me… so I’m ordering from DE Amazon.de )

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@k3dAR thank you i didn’t know.

i have ordered one from amazon.nl/dp/B0CNWXMY4R
i did get it for €20 so much cheaper than directly from the manufacturer.

it will take some time before i have it.
i hope its that nice as expected.