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hey will it be possible to upgrade the fp4 camera to the fp5 camera?

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Yes, I could buy from Murena, but I prefer to buy a FP5 - or FP4, they become quite cheaper now :wink: - here in Zurich in a local store, and to install e/OS/ by myself, it’s no big deal.

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No, this won’t be possible. For more information see the following quote from this thread:


I was referring to the post above yours. :wink:


I realized it, and deleted mine - sorry! :slight_smile:

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Congratulations for the launch everyone.

Can anyone tell me if this one as a jack input?

Apart from that, I recognize the good work accomplished but… I have the feeling that we are kinda in a circle, new Fairphones are released more and more often, and basically what they brought is “only” bigger screen and more powerful specs, while still being maintained for years (hardware and software). This is great obviously, a nice achievement buuuut… Aren’t we missing the point here somehow? I mean, we’re all here because we care about the planet. Do we really need 3 cameras on a phone? And a very big screen which makes the phone battery only lasting one day? Could we imagine a Fairphone much smaller, much lighter? There are no small phones on the market anymore, I would love a phone which is below 4.5" and not filled with hardware that we honestly don’t need… That would be a real ecological phone, and the people who want a kickass phone would buy the normal version, that can be released only every 5 years or so. I mean, the Fairphone 4 is less than 2 years old… Releasing a new one already really looks like the other phones manufacturers, pushing people to buy to have the last one, which is the opposite of ecology…

Thanks for the good work anyway.

A Fairphone 2 user.


is there the same issue with palm detection ? as in the FP4 ?

…as we need a new phone, because our FP2 is now really old, we may buy now another FP4, because they get clearly cheaper, and will certainly last another five years, too :slight_smile: And at least e.foundation aka Murena will continue even after this to bring some monthly updates, as they still do for the FP2! This is also part of an ecological behaviour :slight_smile:


That will be found out, once the phone is released.
Right now they are still in the process of developing and tuning the software in some ways.

For example take a look at this statement in th thread on camera modules:

Judging by the pictures on the pre-order page, there is no jack input on any side. And I can’t see one on the pictures of the disassembled phone as well.
Seems consequential to me, since they decided to drop this feature with the FP4 and developed new wireless headphones.
The specs list also mentions the USB port for connecting “audio amplifiers”.
In all: I, unfortunately, would not expect any jack input at all.


Sure - you are right. On the otherhand it is a repeating storry for the last phones.
In another thread someone from FP mentioned though, that they are working with prio on a better camera experiance. So thats a good sign.

Release dates :

  • FP1 : 12/2013
  • FP2 : 12/2015
  • FP3 : 09/2019
  • FP4 : 09/2021
  • FP5 : 09/2023

Conclusion : Except between the FP2 and the FP3, there always is two years between two models.

Your speech only is about ecology but there are people like me who buy Fairphone phones because they want workers to be paid the right wage and prefer materials don’t finance wars/guerillas. In my case, the “green” side is a bonus I get happily but not the priority (a second hand phone is more sustainable to me).


Can you please compare to FP3 and FP4 and if for one of both they could be used as well?

Since it is (finally!) an OLED display, it might even consume less power than the FP4 if you use a true black OLED theme, since OLED screens don’t consume power for the parts that display a black color :slight_smile:

And besides that: it is only 0.14" larger than the display of the FP4


But nearly 2" larger, that the 4,5" phone he would prefer :wink: .



Just take a look at my message posted 5h ago.

According to a review, battery lasts 30% less…

I highly doubt that this is caused by the display itself, since the display is almost the same size as the FP4.
I don’t know which review you’re referring to, but keep in mind: those reviews were done with test devices that weren’t ready for customers yet. There might be some OS/firmware related issues that need to be fixed before release, maybe also related to power efficiency.

And additionally, you can set the FP5’s display much brighter than the FP4’s - which can be an advantage, but of course consumes more battery.
So under what conditions were the FP4 and FP5 compared? Also with the same brightness level on both devices?


What is the context here. If you use dark mode on an OLED, a lot of LEDs are off. So did they use dark mode for the tests? The 90 Hz is also gonna cost versus 60 Hz.

Oh and the screen of FP4 cannot go very bright (FP3 cannot do low brightness, FP2 had terrible brightness).

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You know you can easily add a USB-C to Qi charger to any USB-C device? And you’d lose about 50% of electricity to liking wireless.

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They tested with the SmartViser protocol.

I doubt that screen brightness is un controlled during the test.

I’m ok with the possibility of a not finalized software, but :

  • FairPhone, aware of that, could have set an embargo until finalization,
  • that’s a 30% gap, with a bigger battery…
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  • that’s a 30% gap, with a bigger battery…

I don’t know this app. And there was nothing mentioned in this review about the conditions.

Was the 90Hz mode activated?
What was the brightness level they used?
Did they use a true black OLED theme for these tests?

Because if we compare the brightness of those two displays, we see that while the FP4 has max. brightness of 537 cd/m², the FP5 seems to have a max. brightness of 803 cd/m²

That would explain this difference very well. And then there’s the higher refresh rate, too…

  • FairPhone, aware of that, could have set an embargo until finalization,

I don’t think that’s what you normally do if you send some test devices to review them before they get released.

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