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Its 212g, so about 13g less then the FP4.


By the way, while there are specifications in the Shop’s Fairphone 5 section, it took me a couple of seconds as well to find them. However, here’s a bit of official FP5 info, too (weight in the left column):


Then I will have to wait until Fairphone 6 or whatever comes along. My Xiaomi Mi 9 with Qi has still up to five days on standby after over four years, from up to seven days when it was new. Without Qi = Still “no” for me. Not even magnetic. I won’t go back to cable. I’d still use my Lumia 950 XL, but that one is used as playground for Windows 10/11 pro now after M$ ditched a good working phone OS right when it reached 10% market share in several European countries.

I’m preferring cabled charging, as wireless charging, if it is not positioned by magnets like MagSafe, is always a hassle. And it takes longer, generates more heat and so on.


For wireless charging I guess it makes sense to continue somewhere here (has been discussed several times already):


Depends! It has to be done right. Lumia 950 Xl and Apple are inefficient and get MUCH hotter, even overheat. My Xiaomi stays cool and charges even faster. Using the same old Nokia Qi charger bought for my Lumia.

Nice hardware. Awesome approach on an even more sustainable phone.
Sadly they are still not able to run propper software.
I think till they are able to handle software as they do in hardware, it’s a no for me.
Thats very sad, as I realy like fairphone as a brand and as for what they are standing.
But it is, as it is…so excited what to come though.

What do you mean by proper software? There’s e.g. lots of google-free android OS alternatives out there, and there are already efforts for the Fairphone 5, e.g. Fairphone partners with /e/ for that.

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Yes - but not everyone is able to flash / root the phone. And even though, I coud - I can’t quit on a native Android (f.e. for job reasons). And many more reasons.
If I buy a phone, I expect good software, which squeezes the best out of the hardware.

Ah, you mean you don’t like the Fairphone OS. Because if this was about Google-free, you don’t need to flash, as you can buy the Fairphone with /e/ pre-installed from murena.


Oopsi something wrong in this article… :grin:

Das Fairphone 5 ist das erste Smartphone des Herstellers mit 5G.

(Translation: The Fairphone 5 is the manufacterer’s first Smartphone with 5G.)


Yap - the FP OS (including system Apps like the camera) has major issues.
Bought the phone as it was released. no /e/ at that point.
But before coming to off topic - I just think, that awesome hardware and the amazing approach on fair hardware is just outstandig. But if the software is not on a same high standard - it’s not worth much.
Having a 50mp camera is not worth anything, if you can’t use it as it is ment.

Does the fingerprints meets all the security standards of Android 13?

What is interesting: The reviews from Golem and ComputerBase seem to use an older FP5 Camera App/FairphoneOS than the review from Digitec: These pictures are way better - especially the night mode and the ultra-wide-angle lens.


In the french test I just added, bad battery usage is pointed (Viser protocol).

  • 11,1 hours of usage with FP5
  • 15,9 hours with FP4

Then let’s hope it has to make more with how the test works than with the actual performance of the phone. I mean, with OLED, bigger battery etc., having only 2/3 of the runtime of the FP4 would be really disappointing.

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To add to your camera comparison, here are the images Netzwelt posted. Especially the night mode one looks way worse here imo, but maybe that’s just due to scene selection:

Edit: I just realized the image when viewed embedded in the article looks way darker than the actual file. Maybe they did some sketchy color conversion… :person_shrugging:


Wouldn’t ship with that android version otherwise, would it?
Of cours Google’s security standards for fingerprint readers can change in the furture, but after what happened with the FP3 recently, I’m pretty sure the Fairphone team is doing all they can to prevent such a desaster from happening again on a phone that’s supposed to be supported for 8 years.

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After all!!!


Well, since the FP5 is not released yet, you are simply extrapolating your experience with the FP4/3 (?).
Before there are first phones on the market that have been thoroughly tested, none of us here knows, if the FP5 software is up to it or faulty/bad/…
So, just give it some time before you declare the FP5 software subpar.

And even the first reviews out now don’t use a phone, that will be available to the public later on. I rather would guess, that Fairphone will be eager to fix any flaws coming up now.

Nice wording by Fairphone there. :smile: