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In the review cited by @chantoine they say the maximum brightness is 581 Cd/m2 which seems far from the one you pointed at.

They also say the phone gets warm on heavy use. Is it because of the CPU that is not tailored for smartphones?

…which doesn’t need fairly sourced materials and where workers don’t need to be payed properly and where nothing had to be recycled for. Great plan!

Although some people would like to have a small, maybe even non-smartphone, the idea is to create change in an area where this change has impact. And that is in the area of smartphones that usually are replaced after two years or if any component fails. In the niche market of non-smartphones any change wouldn’t have that big impact.
And Fairphone shows that many things can be better than they are usually which gives some momentum for the whole industry.


In this review I quoted above, there was mentioned that you must activate the sunlight-modus under display settings to get the full brightness. So lesnumeriques.com apparently missed that point?

According to another review the 90 Hz screen refresh rate is deactivated by default so unlikely they change it if they didn’t modify the maximum brightness.

So the difference comes from something else.

Yes, but there are apps that control the screen brightness itself. Maybe SmartViser is able to use the entire range even though the user’s max. settings are only set to “normal” brightness?
But I really don’t know anything about this specific app, to be honest.

I guess we’ll have to wait for more reliable tests. At least every other review I’ve read that compared the FP4’s battery life to the FP5’s in some way said the FP5 was as good or even slightly better than the FP4.

FP # Displaysize, -type Size (HxWxD) Weight
5 6,46", OLED 161 mm × 75 mm × 9,8 mm 212 g
4 6,3", LCD (IPS) 162 mm × 75,5 mm × 10,5 mm 225 g
3 5,65", LCD (IPS) 158 mm × 71,8 mm × 9,89 mm 187,4 g

Can someone please comment on the wireless bands that will be supported? I am in the US and would like to see if I can switch to FairPhone 5

An USB-Qi Charger is not a good solution, you lose at least 10% extra just due to the extra USB way. And one more cable that can break going around outside of the phone. Builtin nowadays have at least 80% and some 90% efficiency. Except for Apple, which is still where others were over ten years ago and heat up too much. Record efficiency for wireless charching, altough not for Qi, is 97% on a 15 cm distance in 2018, see ORNL demonstrates 120-kilowatt wireless charging for vehicles | ORNL.
I would pay extra for a Qi backcover. I hope they will offer it this time.

Is there an Always-on-Display feature to go with that OLED screen?

If no, are there plans to implement one, since the hardware is there so just make use of it with the software?

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Take a look here:

It seems like this SoC supports at least a lot of 5G bands…

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Have a look on the site of Murena where the tech specifications list the supported bands.
The only thing Murena does is putting their OS on the phone. So the specifications will apply for the ‘normal’
Fairphone 5 as well, as far as I know.
I couldn’t find such detailled specifications on the site of Fairphone.


Incredibly helpful! Thank you!

yes there is. See here (german):


Doesn’t mean you have to buy a new one, each two years… But even if someone did, Buying a Fairphone has earned it’s money at the start!
For changing the system, step by step, for better work environments, better wages. And even when its the same lifespan as a ‘normal’ / disposable phone, (when average lifespans compared shows it’s not) it’s better and cleaner produced, with less pollution, less waste and therefor worth it!

At each phone release, there pretty clear about the ambition of the longevity, mainly about durability of the software support. Is it so that till now, Fairphone is exceeding those ambitions each time, to support the phones even longer than first communicated? Also Fairphone is exceeding those ambitions by learning of the communities complains, remarks, questions and suggestions and make the next model better?

The Fairphone 5 has an more durable soc (QM6490), for professional applications such as handheld terminals. So not the fastest, but fast, more reliable and also longer supported. I really love these kind of innovations! When my Fairphone 3 is at it’s end, probably something with software support, I will continue with a new Fairphone!.


My guess: simple physics :laughing: I mean, when I play games (something more demanding than Solitaire) on my FP4 it also gets “warm”. As would any smartphone doing actual “heavy work”.


This review also points out a poor battery life.

That’s a 100% consensus on all the reviews I’ve read, for those speaking about battery life.

I highly doubt that software optimization will correct a 30% gap in battery life (with a bigger battery). That’s bad news.

I should have a FP5 to test in some days, and hope to discover it’s not so problematic.


They don’t really compare it to the FP4 either.

Here are some other reviews that say otherwise:

  • Netzwelt:

A full battery lasts for at least 1 - 1.5 days, and not longer than 2 days with sparing use. You can’t really complain about that.

Source: https://youtu.be/HEtF7Ht-lm4?feature=shared&t=237

  • Digitec:

Fairphone has increased the battery’s capacity to 4200 mAh in the 5. It was 3905 mAh in the Fairphone 4. However, we do not expect big differences in runtime. I get through the day, but I do not manage two days. I would have to be very restrained during use for that.

Source: https://www.digitec.ch/de/page/fairphone-5-im-test-ein-smartphone-fuer-die-ewigkeit-29331


Netzwelt don’t compare to the FP4 at all.

And Digitec only “expects”, without either comparing.

I’ll stop here, I can’t do anything against your certainties, obviously.

I’ll have a FP5 in the coming weeks, i’ll see by myself.

That’s not what I said either. I just said that those 30% less runtime compared to the FP4 are not confirmed at all and not really trustworthy.

But if you compare these reviews to reviews of FP4, you will find that the runtime estimates are very much the same.


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And there might still be updates to the OS regarding camera performance or battery consumption before the phone is delivered.
All the test-results up to now are with regard to pre-serialization and test phones.
Eg. netzwelt clearly states, that they received a phone for testing and sent it back to Fairphone.
My guess would be, that Fairphone is checking those phones for issues to fix. :wink: