Fairphone 5 camera modes

Does anyone know how to select different camera modes on the FP5 (like fireworks, leaves etc etc)?

Sometimes an icon will appear for a particular camera mode, and clicking this brings up the list, but I don’t know how to bring up this menu at will…

Anyone able to shed some light? Cheers

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Not sure if it’s the ones you are seeking, but if you swipe down from within the black area in the upper quarter of the camera app, you will get a range of options. Alternatively, tap the thin white horizontal bar in the same space.


Those scene modes are not available manually only in case when the AI detects a scene you can click on the pictogram and try to select a different.

Screenshots here, its the same on the FP5


Hi there,
Yeah, as others mentioned, when you have kind of “auto” mode, that camera app do all settings for you, you can pick from pre-set options from menu. Once you switch to mode with more “user control level” then those pre-set modes make no sense.
One screen with settings described in previous reply and the one after swipe down in upper black area Is here: