Software update: FP4.TP29.C.0101.20240121 - Big Camera Update

Oh well, I might just have overlooked them before. At least they’re easy/easier to find now :slight_smile:

I have not really tested this yet, but the first thing I noticed is that it doesn’t seem to be possible to select shooting modes (e.g. “action”) anymore, but must hope that the AI will automatically select the best settings. I am curious about the results.

yeah, would be nice if someone extracted it after installing that update!

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Assuming its the FP5 app, it works quite well, just recently this was detected as snow scene :thinking:

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It actually is. But the icon for manual selection appears only sometimes. This is one of the feedbacks I gave FP in the beta, but nobody seems to listen.

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I think you mean the AI detects a scene and then you can click on it to change it?

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It also seems to fix another issue:

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Yeah, I just noticed that, too. Unpredictable (dis-)appearing of icons is really not a good UI decision. But maybe the details of the new camera app should be discussed in a separate topic.


As this update is mainly/only about camera I find this difficult, as long as its not a real bug you seek help for… Also I expect something official be posted tomorrow, so would ask to wait with further topics for the time being as this will be difficult to seperate properly.

Btw it seems Portrait mode is missing.

Benefits compared to FP5: HDR can be deactivated in Photo Mode and there is a e.g. B/W Filter.Option

I’d love to say my upgrade went flawless (as it has been in the past) but my camera app stays black. I’ve already cleared the camera app’s cache and rebooted a couple of times but no dice, it’s just black. :frowning:

Camera itself works if I use something like whatsapps for example. Any tips?

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Usual link to the, stock boot.img and a Magisk patched-boot.img :nerd_face:

I noticed that FP completely removed the boot.img downloads from the kernel page, well at least they can’t be out-of-date anymore … :man_shrugging:
But they already uploaded the factory images so there’s progress in that regard.

Here you go :slightly_smiling_face: (no idea what’s up with that extremely long version string)


Update: no, that bug isn’t fixed unfortunately.
Seems that triangulation and Automatic switching between cells isn’t working properly and thus loosing connection.
Though this happens the time until it reconnects got massively shorter so only a second or two the connection drops randomly while e.g. on public transport or other means of transport.

Since the update, I have had a very strange problem with the camera app: when I open the app settings, the screen brightness is automatically reduced to the minimum. When I exit the settings again, for example to take a photo, the brightness is automatically turned up again.
Does this happen to anyone else?

Apart from that, the German translations have been clumsy in places since the update.

I need to report the same bug. For many functions it renders my phone useless and didn’t expect this to happen. First time I install an update right away instead of waiting weeks to triple check the forum and wait for fixes… Kindly help ASAP!

Since the update my phone is rebooting all the time. Comes back on with entering only the phone acces code, not my SIM-code. Phone is getting hot and slow and can’t use it. Ticket already entered at Fairphone.

Have you also alrady deleted the cache? I would delete cache and storage of the app, and storage are not pictures just settings. Def. Reboot.

If this does not help, check in safemode dic:safemode

Do you use a SD card? If yes how it is formatted?


The new software update is great. There’s only one feature I can’t find: it’s the RAW format. I have previously recorded this with the Google Pixel app and was hoping to also find it in the updated Fairphone camera. Does anyone know anything about it? Thank you again for the update!


What a surprise! The new update for the camera really blew me away. I’m one of those people who only uses smartphone cameras to take photos of IKEA stock number labels. I’ve never had a smartphone that shoots so quickly. Really cool. Great work Fairphone! You’ve made a great smartphone even better :). Thank you!


As mentioned before, I’ve cleared the cache and storage multiple times but no dice. Safemode also didn’t work. Also, I’m not using an SD card.

This might be unrelated but another symptom just popped up. I joined my first google meets call this morning and after about 20 seconds the phone just died with 57% battery left. After a reboot and joining the call again the same happened. The third time I tried it it was hooked up to a power source and that was fine. I’m currently running a test while joined in another google meet session with my battery currently at 60%, let’s see if it happens again. I’ve never seen that before…

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For reference: