Fairphone 5 : Camera app creating 0 bytes photos

For those of you (still) facing this issue, I solved it by reinstalling the default camera app using adb.

  1. Have a working ADB
  2. Find the correct package:
    adb shell pm list packages -f "camera"
  3. I transferred the APK it to my local pc (but this turned out to be unneccessary, as the APK remains on the device when uninstalling the app)
    adb pull /system/priv-app/FPCamera/FPCamera.apk
  4. Uninstall the current app:
    adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 com.fp5.camera
  5. (Re)install the app:
    adb shell cmd package install-existing com.fp5.camera
  6. Enjoy a perfect stock camera experience :grinning: