Fairphone 5 Camera App Crash Fp5

Hello there!
Got issues with my Fp5 camera. The camera-app keeps crashing. And some of the things I do manage to shot are not saved… I have enough storage and the latest update. What do I do?
Actually, if I’m not misremembering… I think my snapchat app has also been affected.
Any one else with this problem? Or insights?
All the best!

Are you using a SD card and if so, is it formatted as Portable or Internal storage ?

Are you using a SD card for the “Storage” parameter of the Camera app?

You might try installing another app such as Open Camera just to check whether the symptoms are repeated.


Hi Kivrella,
In case your issue has not been resolved and you know how to use ADB, you could try reinstalling the FP5 Camera App. You can find instructions for that in this topic.