Fairphone 5 and sim support?

I want to make sure of something about this phone.
Can I simultaneously have 2 sim cards ( sim - esim ) on this phone with External MicroSD?

Thanks for help
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Yes, you can have a physical sim, esim plus micro sd card at the same time.


I was expecting that I could enter two physical SIM cards into FP5 (like I had done for my FP3). However, it seems that is not possible. My understanding is that a dual sim is only possible if your network provider does eSIMs. That is not the case for either of my providers, which puts me in a complicated situation…

Are you sure? E-sim has been around for years…

If this is still up to date, surprisingly there are still several provider who do not support

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The list is definitely not up to date. All major providers in .be have esim but only Orange is listed.

Well, this list is only as good as people make it and far from comprehensive as it consists of user reports mostly.
If you have experience with missing operators, then please add it.
As Fairphone is still not officially listed/supported with many of them, first hand experience is also still valuable for potential users.

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I just saw that only my operator was in the list, and googled for the other major ones. This search showed that they all support e-sim.
That’s not first hand experience so it doesn’t count for the list; and I’m not sure the myriad MVNOs support e-sim either.

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