Fairphone 5 - 5G with Telenet

Hello everyone, I just bought a FP5, but I’m having an issue : after 2 days the device is still not connecting to 5G network (provider : Telenet, Belgium). The APN is correct, network preferences set on 5G/4G/3G/2G. My other phone with the same SIM card gets always 5G ( we’re speaking of NR NSA), while FP5 stays on 4G. I tried contacting the provider and they stated that from their side everything is in order and that normally I should have received a pop-up by the producer, with the updated configuration, Does someone know how it works? Thanks

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How stupid it may sounds, remove the APN of Telenet.
Restart your phone.
Make a new APN for Telenet and see if it works

I tried buy still only 4G. I tried also: restarting network preferences to default, factory reset, to insert another operator SIM card and then coming back to mine, but nothing🤷. Should Fairphone update config to accept Telenet 5G?

Maybe its rather Telenet to support the phone? I would def contact both , FP and Telenet support

I did it. Telenet said that’s everything ok from their side, Fairphone is investigating the issue…

Telenet is using two different APN names.
telenetwap.be or mobile.internet.be
And for the line APN type they use
default or of internet/normaal

All this words are in small letters - t Don’t use uppercase like T.

Yes, the first one is the one to use. With my other smartphone it works without any problem.

What about the line APN type? Did you try both options?

The second option is only from a menu :

default (kleine letters)
internet/normaal (bij een keuzemenu)

I know. But still you could try what happens if you change default to internet/normaal

I tried and I got no connection at all (with “default” 4g works flawlessy). Question : with 5G NSA, the icon will be 5G anyway right?

I don’t know if the 5G in the Netherlands is NSA or SA.
But when I have 5G on I see in front of the normal icon 5G

You got 5G immediately after purchasing the smartphone? Did you receive any configuration message or pop up to update network parameters?

I am in the Netherlands. When I started with the phone I used the starting program to copy data from my Fairphone 4 to the Fairphone 5. Afterwards I have set the phone to 5G.

ok. Maybe it’s just my unit …

Is it an idea to ask in the ‘gebruikersgroep’ of Telenet if someone else has a problem with 5G.
(Just to be sure you live in an area where Telenet is providing 5G?)

As I said in my initial post, with the same SIM card my s23 has 5G :unamused: . Pity, because I was really enjoying the phone

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As I said the provider need to support the device as well, its not only Fairphone. One example from the FP4

I’ve already contacted Telenet, they said there’re no limitations on Fairphone

Today I called Telenet again, they repeated that they can’t do anything more and maybe my smartphone is not compatible with Telenet 5G network ( I should really try with other carriers to check). Let’s wait Fairphone support conclusions.