Fairphone 4 with a lan cable

I would like to connect a LAN cable to a Fairphone 4, my question now is, is that even possible? I have only found that you need an OTG connection for this. But now I don’t know what kind of adapter I need and whether I have to set it up somehow.
I would be delighted if someone could help me with this.

Welcome to the Fairphone community.

OTG is something before USB-C was used. So now a standard USB-C Ethernet Adapter should work hardware wise. Whether a FP4 has the necessary software built in is beyond my experience, as I don’t have one.

Which software is running on your phone BTW?

Here an example for an adapter:

I have Android 13 on my mobile phone

In which flavor? FPOS, /e/OS, CalyxOS… :wink: ?

I guess its the standard Fairphone software FPOS?

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to watch it. But it will probably be standard.

What would you like to watch? And what’s the reason for the LAN connection anyway?

I want to have less radiation and then I don’t need so much mobile data because we don’t have wifi.

There are also USB Hubs that include an ethernet adapter and there is the topic of charging the phone at once. Maybe not every hub supports this reverse charging. I am not firm in this topic.


I have both a USB-C Dock with HDMI and LAN (Targus AWU420GL) as well as an USB-C LAN adapter (HP, RTL8153). Both work fine on my FP4.

EDIT: The dock is really great as it can also share the display on a monitor/TV and you can attache Keyboard an Mouse via USB besides the LAN (RJ45) port. Additionally it has a Micro-SD and SD slot.

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