Fairphone 4 wallpapers

So I backuped everything I needed before leaving FPOS for new horizon but I didn’t anticipate missing the FPOS default wallpapers so much !

Would it be possible for a good soul to extract it somehow and provide a few links ? :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

Those were harder to find than I thought, but here you go:

I have absolutely no idea what’s up with the first two, they don’t show up in the Wallpaper Picker, but they are included in the resources folder :man_shrugging:
Think of them as an easter :egg: :smirk:


In my FP3 those two are just the ones that appear to choose in the pickup wallpaper picker tool :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing them!

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Thank you soon much !

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I made a simple one, looks quite nice, if you like something dark and simple.


I took this picture and I really like it as Fairphone Background.


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