Fairphone 4 software issues

Yes I thought their response was quite clear ?? But as for how such decision are reached is just another arguable issue :slight_smile:

And that’s exactly what I’m trying to understand. We know that not all issues are published. We do not know why.


@anon9989719 I guess your point is clear and will not help to change what @Razem is saying, so maybe it would be a good point to stop going on circles. Thanks


Hello everyone! a little update from our side:

The Public Issue Tracker and website have been updated. You now will be able to have a broader overview of the high and medium priority bugs we are aware of. The list will be updated around every 8 weeks.

Please, read the statement on the website thoroughly as we explain different matters such as what high and medium priority means or what if your bug is not on the list, among others.

Hope this work helps to better understand where we are now and sheds some light on the topic.

Wishing you all a lovely day :slight_smile:


Every reasonable bug tracker assigns an ID to every issue when it is entered to make identifying bugs easier. Can you please do that?


Does this mean you’re not “aware” of the bootloader issue? :thinking: I mean, the “Unknown warning message” bug is listed and that ultimately seems pretty harmless in comparison.


Hello loseyourself! :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I’m not sure I fully understood your question. But if I got it right, your complaint has to do with the fact that locking the bootloader may brick the phone.

If that’s the cause, then we’ve confirmed it before: installing software with an older security patch than the one you had before will trigger Android Rollback Protection. This is a well-established security feature since Android 6 and we’ve made numerous warnings about it. It’s in our support articles.

In addition to that, it’s important to keep in mind that when installing software manually there are risks such as random data transfer interruptions (bad cable or power stops), buggy software, etc.

However, if you are talking about a reproducible bug we weren’t aware of, we’ll be happy to take a look. For that, please contact our amazing Customer Support team who will be keen on taking a look.

Have an amazing Fridayyyy

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There is a lower than 1% chance that I’d be the first person to submit a ticket about that issue if I did so, so no, I won’t be doing that. People have literally sent their devices in for repair over this, so trust me, the customer support team is aware.

Here are three threads full of people detailing the issue. Basically, if you lock the bootloader then in some cases the bootloader goes from unlockable to not unlockable. This has nothing to do with the rollback protection, as is evident by the fact that every other phone I’ve ever had hasn’t had that issue. Generally, if you lock the bootloader then you should be able to unlock it again if something goes wrong. Currently, the Fairphone 4 doesn’t work that way.

Here’s a post by hirnsushi that describes it better than I ever could:


Good to hear…now please fix the hardware problems…
And offer the fix at minimal impact to the users who suffer from them…

(Yes talking about the ghost inputs :smirk:)

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