Fairphone 4 screen quality

I have a feeling that you’re stuck in the ninetees guys. I do expect it to be scratchproof in 21st century, and breadcrumbs proof specifically, aka normal use

OK Bread Crumbs won’t scratch.

I do metal work and have to clean the magnetic adapter I have in the phones USB to remove steel fillings, and I work on the land with soil and build using sand etc. I carry the phone around in filthy pockets, hence the magnetic adapter to keep the USB port clean.

But I’ve never had any screen scratches of any note with any phone. Currently I am using a 28 month old FP3.

By the way Gorilla glass isn’t scratch proof but is tougher. You may have have a flawed piece of glass, but then as they are made in batches I would have thought others would be complaining too.

To say Fairphone lies is a bit much.
UPDATE: Thanks for changing the title :slight_smile:

Have you contacted them and asked them to look at the phone?

if you don’t contact them they can hardly be responsible, so see what they have to say.


If you use your OnePlus the way you did to your FP, it will get the same scratches. And you’ll say OnePlus are liars !

Finally a nicer response, i will contact the store, I’m a developer and I have 2 kids, the surface was crumby, but ComeOn, really? I was one of the first to buy Samsung Galaxy 1 with its first gorilla, it is less scratchy even now. 15 years later. I will go to the service, but i wanted to say it to everyone that they are cheated. This can be anything but not gorilla even 1

No, i exactly bought the Fairphone only because the battery on my oneplus 6 was low and it costed me quite a lot to change it, second thing was that for more than a year i wasn’t getting the updates. So, I wanted something to be able to keep even for longer. Did you know that oneplus 6 was hw better than Fairphone 4 mostly still? Yep, but i took this guy, paid more, to be able to not be stuck on battery or screen change. But i was cheated unfortunately.

Looks more like a scratched foil or screen protector for me. This is really the display itself? Should be a warranty case then


Come on, it’s just your use and experience, I have 2 FP3s and an FP4 with my daughter. She has a couple of very young ones who are messy and the phone gets thrown and chewed, with no problems.

I can see you seemed stressed but it seems to be just you, please don’t lump us all together in your mind, that’s a bit rude ~ I have not been cheated with any of the three phones.

It’s possible that a bit of hard quartz got to your screen, or something. If you send it to Faiphone they can test the screen if they like, but calling them liars and saying we have all been cheated is totally unreasonable and nigh on outrageous.

Sure words help explain the way a person feels and I get that, but I’m sure you can get a more fulfilling and useful response by being more considerate.

let’s hope Fairphone can provide an answer and maybe a new screen.

Take it easy and hope to hear you have it sorted soon.

All the best

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Are you sure you didn’t put your keys in the same pocket as your phone? Or something like that? Breadcrumbs don’t have the hardiness to damage the screen. Can you reproduce it? Of course that may mean that you add a scratch, but I think you’ll find out that breadcrumbs can’t damage the screen.



Here is an article about the Samsung galaxy S23 ultra so the latest flagship Samsung released: Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Gorilla Glass Victus 2 Is Not Scratch-Resistant; Owner Claims Flagship Received ‘Micro-Abrasions’ While Kept In the Pocket

What do you read ? Hard to break is different from scratch resistant.


Yeah I would definerly try and see if you can reproduce the scratches with some breadcrums or a fistful of your pocket-lint. If yes, it should be absolutely under warranty and they should replace your screen unit without much hassle.

I’m daily driving a FP4 since almost a year and I can’t make out any scratches on my screen, but I always place it in a pocket without anything else in it.

Also, before you toss your phone, remember that it’s quite easy and cost effective to order a new screen and replace it yourself. Besides that, the second hand market is very fond of only slightly used Fairphones, so you could get a big fraction of your money back, if you decide to resell it instead of throwing it away.

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There is a video about this:

Of course you can question the way of testing regarding the sustainability aspect, but the results totally match with my mileage. I don’t really pay attention to my phone since I don’t care about scratches and I only have a handful of short ones after more than a year of usage. None of them are visible when the display is turned on, which is the most important thing for me.

The only visible damage while using the phone is the cracked area on the top, which happened after the phone dropped exactly with the edge of the display on a small metal edge. Before this, the phone dropped on pavement, tiles and wooden floor multiple times without any damage, so I would definitely sign that it’s Gorilla Glass 5.

Maybe this article is helpful understanding why newer Gorilla Glass generations aren’t more scratch resistant in general:


Sorry if it sounds as a bad question (no offense!), but as @zebrafax has mentioned, are you sure there is no screen foil on the display any more? Did you double check this? We’ve seen such already in this forum…


Hey, thanks for the suggestion, that would be a facepalm to me, I’ve double-checked. No screen protectors on it unfortunately.


Yep, changing the screen myself is something why I decided to buy this phone for. The question is, will the replaced screen be the same in terms of scratches?
I don’t wear it with the keys or coins in the pocket, there may be my credit cards mini wallet to happen to be together with it in the pocket, but that’s kind of a soft thingie. By the way, my previous gorilla 5 phone got its first scratches from the keys in the pocket, but those were minor compared to these.

If you can do without the phone it may be worth asking Fairphone to look at it, or at least before you buy a new display module, as it’s not like you can easily replace the screen or the glass, ask if they will have the current one back and test it.

However I would seriously consider just putting up with that main scratch and see what the future brings.

All the best

Hey, just’ve read your comment and decided to check, I have put it with the face down but lighlty, didn’t apply force on the table where my kids just had breakfast. Small breadcrumbs, got new scratches, not that deep though.
Unless my kids are having diamonds for breakfast :slight_smile: I can confirm that the screen is not scratch resistant at all. I have a business iphone and could use that one instead, but it is a pain to put in all my e-id and banking apps into that one.

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Breadcrumps will never ever scratch a Smartphone display like this, so if this is not a production failure, I still think there is kind of a foil on it.

Can any FP4 owner here report, whether a brand new one comes with or without foil in the package?


Bread crumbs don’t scratch glass. Porcelain is glazed and last for yeas. Even knives and forks don’t leave scratches on my plate ??

Something is clearly awry in this report.

Also these white dots look very strange and the entire surface seems very cloudy.

My FP4 screen is completely transparent…
There must definitely something be wrong with your screen…
You really should #contactsupport

The surface is completely transparent for me as well, I took the photo under the angle so the light falls on it the way that the scratches are visible.

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