Fairphone 4 - Not receiving all texts + not able to send photos

Hello Everyone, I have just made the positive steps to transferring my Apple existence to a Fairphone Android life. I am glad but there are a few teething issues and I have much to learn.

Firstly, I am not receiving all of my text messages, I found ones from a week ago that have come through on my laptop. However, I am still able to receive a few and send a few. It’s being picky! How can I resolve this?

Secondly, I am with Giffgaff. When I try to send photo’s it says
Message not sent : service not activated on the network. Would I resolve this with giffgaff?
I read that I need to switch on background data, which I don’t want to do but also this isn’t to be found in the Network and Internet, only Data Saver. Any adivse on this would be greatly appreciated.

So you mean SMS/MMS? It might be an issue because your SIM was used with an IPhone before or just a missing/wrong APN setting. Either way I would contract Giffgaff.

And welcome to the community😊

Hi Golden11,
Can you confirm that you are using the stock Fairphone Android OS most recent version? To be sure, go to Settings > About phone > Build number and tell us what it says.

Secondly, which app(s) are you using for SMS and MMS ? This could be the stock app called “Messages”, or Signal, Whatsapp etc.

This sounds as though you might be sending and receiving SMS with no problems, but not MMS.

MMS transmission requires mobile data (regardless of which app you use), but this does not necessarily mean that mobile data has to be enabled for all purposes.
In order to send and receive MMS when mobile data is turned off, go to Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile network > MMS messages.

Thank you, Yes I mean MMS mainly and sometimes SMS aren’t being received or sent.

I will look into this APN setting, not sure what I would need to even change in these settings. I will investigate…

Thanks for the welcome.

Hello, thank you for you reply.

My build number : FP4.FP3W.A.128.20220516

I am using Messages App that is installed with Fairphone. Whatsapp is not problem, this works fine.

3.MMS messages are not in the Mobile network settings… Will this need to be updated with giffgaff?

I appreciate your time to reply to this. Thank you

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Thanks for the info.
I think it would be good to start by updating the OS. A new version was announced a couple of days ago.
It may take a few days for your operator giffgaff to pass it on. You can check by going to
Settings > System > Advanced > System update.

Once that’s done you may see changes in the Mobile network settings.

On the subject of APN can you check that the current values are as specified here
There should be a second APN record for MMS as specified here.

So you say on your laptop you see the SMS? How do you do this? APN would normally not help with this issues and only with MMS. So I would still try to get a new SIM as (at least in the past) it caused issues when moving from IPhone I messages to Android SMS.

Or have a look here if there are any other Tipps


I’d forgotten the iPhone iMessage issue that Yvonne refers to but this is likely to be your case. If so, you would be receiving messages from Android users but not iPhones. Good job you mentioned Apple in your first post.