Fairphone 4 kernel source and DTS?

I’m interested in the Fairphone 4 as an alternative to the Pinephone Pro.
It has the advantage of 5G and I might be able to get one discounted from my mobile provider.
Is full kernel source and Device Tree source code available for the Fairphone 4?


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Is this what you’re looking for: Fairphone 4 Kernel Source Code — FAIRPHONE open source documentation


That is helpful thanks.
In that document it says:-

Please note, that currently the sources do not contain the devicetree sources (.dts, .dtsi). You will need to extract the dtb (device tree blob) from the stock image’s boot.img and use that with your self-compiled kernel

Why can the device tree source not be published?

If you want Fairphone to be “open source friendly” then developers need the device tree source. Please can Fairphone just release it?

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I downloaded the kernel source.
It’s 4.19.
Therefore the Fairphone 4 is not going to be easy to mainline :frowning_face:

The Pinephone is something like 6.0

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Have a look at …

… for the mainlining progress.

TL;DR: Still some work to be done, but it is moving forward :slightly_smiling_face:


I apologise for nagging, but I would really like an answer to this question:-
Why will Fairphone not release the Device Tree Source (DTS) for the Fairphone 4?

Nobody here in the user forum will know, so ask Fairphone directly:


I contacted Fairphone support.
They told me that “providing Device Tree Source is something fully up to the Software Team and something Customer Support can’t really provide much information on”
So I asked them how can I contact the Software Team and now they are just ignoring me.

As long as the ticket stays open they will come back one day or the other. I guess that such is not high priority and they have to check internally first, as you cant contact the software developer directly.

Not sure Fairphone would put you in touch with a third party team, that’s a bit much. They may ask them for you though ???

Hi all,

I’m happy to announce that the devicetree sources for Fairphone 4 are finally public.

You can find them in the kernel branch kernel/12/fp4 with the commit 9b0224459fa8ee7c60d16a0b710ebf039da9f365 - kernel/msm-4.19 - Gitiles

We needed first to have some alignment with Qualcomm on the licensing since the devicetree sources are by default part of the proprietary sources.



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