Fairphone 4 & IodéOS: Google apps

Is there a corner in this forum to discuss Fairphone 4 & IodéOS things?

E.g. I have trouble installing apps from Google Play. Is this a matter to bring here, or could it better be discussed on a IodéOS forum?

Anyway, here is the question:

I want to install some specific apps officially from the Google Play Store.

  • Aurora does not do the job. Tried 2 accounts (my Google account and anonymous account). App does install indeed, but upon opening the app it pops “Please install this app from Google Play”.
  • Not any browser does the job. Tried IodéFirefox and DuckDuck (logged in with Google account). Upon selecting the app, Google Play answers: “app will be installed soon”. And then nothing happens anymore.

Is this a FP4 issue? or a IodéOS matter?
Did I miss a setting in MicroG? Or in Aurora?

Aurora downloads the apps from Google’s servers, so the problem is likely the app itself. What app are you talking about specifically?


The developer of this app decided to write code to detect which app installed it and refuses to run if it wasn’t Google Play. This is the developer of the app putting in extra work to make the app refuses to work.

If you can download the APK file from somewhere (like APKMirror, APKPure, but be careful to make sure you don’t download a fake version of the app instead) you can use the following command from your PC to trick the app into thinking it was installed from Google Play (you will need adb installed):

adb install --user 0 -i com.android.vending /path/package.apk

I would also suggest trying to convince the developer that artificially blocking customers from using their app when it’ll work fine technically is not a very customer-friendly thing to do (and personally I would look for a different app as the developer has shown willingness to do extra work to harm customers).

No clue about this one honestly, but I’m using Fennec F-Droid which is a version of Firefox with closed source components removed and it works fine. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is also on F-Droid, maybe that version will work better.

Hope these notes help you.


It’s what i already mentioned in iode forum :wink:

Thanks very much, especially about apk downloading etc.

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