Fairphone 4 freezes and device restarts when zooming in an app

Do any of you also have the problem when you want to take a photo from an application such as Jodel, Webex, Signal, etc. and zoom in while the camera is open, that the whole device freezes and restarts. (Please zoom in a little more than just once briefly). The normal camera app, LibreCamera or WhatsApp (where the camera is sometimes slow) work.

I have noticed these problems since the major camera update.

I was able to reproduce this with my work colleague who also has a Fairphone 4. However, Fairphone support says that they cannot reproduce this and that I should perform a factory reset.


Since last night my FP4 freezes and restarts randomly.
I wasn’t using the camera. It can happen on the home screen (Lawnchair), on K9 mail… Sometimes it happens as soon as you reboot. Sometimes it remains stable for several minutes before rebooting.
I tried zooming in while the camera is open, but the phone didn’t reboot.

Now, one hour and Google Play update later, it rebooted again.

After 5 hours of stability, a second Google Play Services update and the reboots resumed, almost non-stop. Very annoying.
Booting in Safe mode has same issue.
Changing the active slot resulted in a continuous reboot. Returning to the previous slot restored the reboot problem as soon as the home screen appeared.
I’m about to do a factory reset.