Fairphone 4 does not recognize headphones via usb-c to mini-jack adapter

My fairphone 4 usb-c port seems to have taken some mechanical pressure when a headphone-adapter was plugged in , after which it stopped working, the music kept playing and pausing. I thus replaced both the usb-c adapter as well as the fairphone’s usb-c port, hoping to resolve the issue. I use an apple usb-c adapter as well as old apple cable headphones. I have checked the headphones performance with other devices and they work. The fairphone 4 charges and I can connect it to a computer with a data cable. However, as soon as I plug in the headphones (with the adapter) I keep hearing some rhythmic ticking on the headphones, like some sort of electrical discharge and the phone does not recognize the headphones, it plays music over the speakers. I have tried rebooting both with the headphones plugged in as well as without.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That might be the reason, not all adapter work

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