Fairphone 4 Crashes Since Android 13 update

Hi, I’ve had a fairphone 4 since its release and it’s been working great. Since the last couple of updates however I’ve been seeing random crashes where I’ll take the phone out of my pocket and it’ll be rebooting or stuck on a black screen. I initially thought this was an SD card issue and swapped the SD and it has reduced how often it’s crashing but I’ve still had a couple more crashes since the swap.

Anyone else seen similar issues since the last updates?

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Hi, try to disable 5G. You can read here around about that. FP has confirmed this as a bug. For me it worked.

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I’ll give it a go. Has there been anything said on when the bug’ll be fixed? Obviously I want to use 5G where I can.

You might want to read this:

If you want to continue the discussion, I’d recommend to do it in the above topic. :slight_smile:


Or here in case for black screen/freeze instead of reboot

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