Fairphone 4 case & Alternatives

I have the Biowaves case too and use it as my daily driver since months and i’am not be too squeamish about it - so far no signs of wear and tear.

Seems more of an issue with people damaging the case when removing it - it actually doesn’t come off that easily. If you don’t read the instructions, I could imagine that some people would come up with the idea of ​​levering it out with tools and force - of course it could break then…

That’s great news!

I bought the Fairphone 4 somewhere in the summer with the standard soft case. At the moment, that’s good enough, but maybe a flip case would be handy in the future.

I have it and it is 100% Salmon pink. Its a good case, but I have had several people ask me if I am using my wifes phone.

No one would ever say it is red…it is definitely pink.


Fairphone seem to have followed the industry players in producing a phone that is almost too slippery to pick up let alone use. The Fairphone case is a slight improvement and I have modified mine by adding a couple of Sugro bumps:

Fairphone - please produce a better case!

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

As this is a user forum if you want Fairphone to hear your cry, email them …

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Thank you for your welcome.
My cry was just rhetorical but I appreciate the suggestion.
BTW, “Sugro” in my post should have read Sugru!

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But what’s wrong with the case? I wouldn’t like to have some wings that blocks easy sliding into a pocket or sleeve on my phone.

IMO the case has these issues:

  • Too bulky overall. There’s no need to be this thick at the back since the plastic back can already absorb a lot of impact where other phones could not.
  • The raisivity is wasted as the case sits way too lose, impacts on the front corners hit the glass just as well as without any case.
  • No see-through available, and honestly? The FP4 is beautiful. Entombing it in a non-seethrough case is such a shame.
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As I indicated in my original post, I think the case needs to be more “grippy”.
I take your point about the projecting “wings” but as I don’t put my phone in my pocket or in a sleeve that should not be a problem for me.
I see that I am not the only user who has criticised FP’s case and would agree with Carighan that it is too loose a fit.

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Had this case for myself, lasts a month and breaks after the first impact from the height of a table.

That seems to be the consensus on that case, yeah.

I haven’t dropped mine yet, since I only use it will cycling dropping it would mean I crashed, so kinda glad I haven’t :smirk:

Not the biggest fan of those fake reviews, normally that would completely disqualify a company for me.
But there aren’t exactly many cases available I could glue a cycling mount to, so if it breaks I probably still would buy another one.

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first a request.
this thread is longer then a trip to insanity.

we seriously need a small sticky just for case links referances & downloads

just as others have mentioned using other modle cases to fit the PH4 i have also found some

the Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro seems to be the best fit.
you will have button cutting and camera hole cutting. but this is the only phone with a fat body that fits nicely

other then that
moto gplay 2021
galaxy A12 5g

this is the iphone 14 pro plus case afaik
it is to shallow so it is NOT good for depth, BUT it fits size, camera, and has a privacy slider for the camera

i have made a privacy slider out of a chopped-up creditcard from this idea on a iph14pr oterbox knockoff. if you use the top and outer of the oterbox pieces and throw away the middle shell they will fit the ph4 nicely and you have the belt clip and a case now. sides are not holding & you have to re-cut buttons, but i am all about that.

again. pleas. a sticky with just links out sorted into categories. pleas.

I just found these ones at eBay:

I guess shipping from China :mask: isn’t sustainable at all, nonetheless, I ordered a red and a blue one. Whenever they will arrive, I will make some pictures and post them here.

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Do you mean . . . Flip case

That link you provide isn’t a flip case as mentioned in the add, although it may be a comfortable silicon alternative to the €40 option, for the hand and the pocket.


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Nope, no flip case - just the pure silicone protective case in red & kinda blue.

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looking at the text, it seems to be same as this one:

the wording seems to be the same: its just a base protection, not good enough for mobile phone geeks. ^^

but i am really looking forward to your report whether it fits better and provides an minimumprotection for the screen an the front of the frame :slight_smile:

Hi, I’'m considering a fp4 but they why are they so ugly ? Instead of adding a case, isn’t it possible to just get the backcover in a different color ? Or just share the stl so we can print it

ps: I just read that part of the antenna is part of the backcover, could this part be extracted by a default backcover and inserted in a custom one ?

You can just fashion the cover with sparkly nail varnish :slight_smile:

Yes I figured I’d need to borrow my son’s miniature painting, but there is a chance I’d make it worse :wink:

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Different no doubt, but worse? That’s hard to imagine :slight_smile:

The thing about nail varnish is that is dries quickly. I use clear on cracked screen.

Just start with a flower, that may even be enough