Fairphone 4 case & Alternatives

Did you print this yourself, or bought it?

I am the same :face_with_peeking_eye: and I have to say it is quite pink… Salmon pink or red to orange pastel … not sure the pic will give you an proper idea. On top of that TPU can’t really be painted or stickers added on. I need a change :joy:

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Anyone knowing were we can get other phone cases than the official ones?
I usually like a fun phonecase…

  • The official ones you can’t seem to customise and add stickers on it (the pastel red/salmon colour has already turned dirty in 6 months time)
  • The wooden ones cited in previous forums looks amazing but I’d like something more nerdy…
    My goal is to keep my FP4 up to 10 years, and more phone cases would be great,

Any recommendation welcome

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Maybe search and respond to one of the existing topics rather than start another one.

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any news? ^^
i just had a closer look at the pics from the ebay kink you posted.
the bluish grey seem to cover the front frame propperly.
unfortunately there is no photo of the red on, which i would still prefer.

i just found this one on ebay
Hülle für Fairphone 4 Tasche Schutz Handytasche TPU Gummi Case Rot 4049489310503 | eBay.
which is actually sent from germany.
but looking at the pictures i am not too shure how much photoshop was used there.

looking at the pictures 4 and 7 the phone was just photoshopped into nr 4.
as the openings at the bottom show the inside of teh case instead of the openings of the phone :see_no_evil:

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A friend of mine printed it for me. Since then, unfortunately, one of the corners broke off (it saved my display though), so I switched to the official case (the green/teal one).


Actually I ordered 3 cases - the fit is quite ok. The overlap to the screen is rather low, but for me ok. Unfortunately the red and the blue cases look rather cheap.


How has your experience been in the long run? Did the double sided tape keep sticking well?

Yes, it has not been any problems at all. It sticks as good as if was a commercial product, or even better…

I got a Biowaves case for my FP4 recently.

I took some photos for peoples interest. It is a fairly slim case and is easy to hold, it does not slide out of the hand easily.
Holes allow all the mics to works and one can easily get the charge-cable placed too.
The camera cut-outs are nice and I think it reduces the width of the camera flash/torch a little.
As a wee bonus the camera is also not protruding from the case, so it sits without rocking on the table.


It’s 1.5 year later…
Has anyone managed to find a compatible wallet phone case for the Fair phone 4? Someone (without a Fairphone, but seeing mine) suggested that for an I-phone 12 or 14 could fit.

This one? For Fairphone 4 wallet case protective cover flipstyle flipcover | eBay or this one: Fairphone cases – Tagged "fairphone cases" – annatreurniet.nl I think I’d go with the cork one if I wanted a flip case. Or do you want one with a real wallet (with room for coins as well)? Haven’t ever seen that for any phone tbh.

There have been some hints recently that an official FP4 flip case is coming “soon” for about 50€.

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This might be of interest to y’all.

I was browsing for spare parts for my Fairphone 4 and I found a really interesting manufacturer that carries a bunch of accessories for the Fairphone 4, but also Fairphone 3 and - get a load of this - Fairphone 5 already :slight_smile:

Check it out.

I ordered those two cases for my Fairphone 4:

Ring case Fairphone 4 - Black

Wallet cover 3-card Fairphone 4 - Black

They also have this one for the Fairphone 4, but I don’t much care for it, so I didn’t order it. But if you like that kind of case…:

Silicone Case with card holder Fairphone 4 - Black

They have those cases in a bunch of colors too.

So… 3rd party accessories for Fairphones. Whoever said it was a niche manufacturer eh :slight_smile:


Curious for your feedback once your order arrives! :+1:


I will report on em :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the info. They also give dimensions for FP5 and the date - October 2023. Interesting to follow
EDIT. the dimensions seem to be unrealistic and copied from FP3

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Hello guys!
I basically was wondering if there is any seller that can provide custom cases for the Fairphone 4, or any source where i can get a cheaper version of the official case.
I’d love a custom case though. Like one where I can put a Photo on or at least one that has a logo or something on it. I looked online but did not find anything.
Thanks for the help!

Hi and welcome please read above

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