Fairphone 4 camera delivers poor quality pictures when indoors

The default app is trash to say the least.
I didn’t expect much since I use manual controls anyway ( I use Pro cam x) but damn is it bad.
Most things (especially white balance) is fixed by changing app.
What remains trash is the autofocus.

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But your way of expression doesn’t make it any better… :roll_eyes:

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Eh… I don’t really need it to. I am happy with the pretty good hardware.
Would be good if the app was at least producing decent pictures. Right now I really can’t frame it any other way.

Did you try the Gcam port? In my opinion using it solves most issues.

Gcam port does deliver better results for sure, but its a bit rough to use and some features dont work well or at all.

You should not have to rely on a third-party mod/app made by individuals to get decent photos out of the camera in a phone that costs this much in the first place.

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I tried all of the recommended 8.1 and 8.2 (Andoid 10+) versions over the WE.

For the FP4, I came to the conclusion that the Wichaya port is best.
For my wife’s OP6T, the BSG port is best, as there is also a config for it.

All versions run on the FP4. But as soon as you don’t use google photos as gallery, but a third party app, some ports have their problems, because they don’t support third party apps.
Only in Wichaya all these points are covered and implemented on the FP best. Even without config file.

Thus, my favorites for FP4 (in descending order):
EDIT: Change Version names

  1. Wichaya
  2. BSG
  3. Nikita
    You can use all applied versions. It’s only the package name that’s different. All different versions are bit by bit the same.

This also doesn’t work very well in Wichaya for me. It does open the third party app (Simple Gallery Pro in my case) but there not the most recent picture is shown but the one before that.

Sure, it was just a suggestion for solving the problem of needing to use two smartphones in the current situation.

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Would be interesting to see comparrisons of the phones you refer to

I’ve been using the Wichaya mod for a while now and Simple Gallery Pro displays the right photo for me. no additionals steps necessary except for enabling third party galleries in the Gcam app.

Ok, I’ve checked again and the problem is different than I thought: If I open the recently taken photo about 1-2 seconds after shooting, everything is fine. But if I do it immediately after I have taken the photo, it is not shown. But after some more testing I have now found out that this also happens with Google Photos, so it hasn’t got anything to do with the third party app. It seems that it just takes some time to move the photo from some temp storage (or RAM?) to the photo folder.

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it probably just takes a brief while to process the picture.

I take the picture and can directly open it in Simple Gallery. No delay

Did you get the ultrawide to work on one of them?
I am kinda lost in settings i don’t understand with wichayas version right now :smiley:

No. Will only work on original camera an on the openCamera fork on /e/

Here you can download a “do it at your own risk” Magisk module of the original camera from the iodè developers.
I never tried it by myself. I don’t use Magisk

I may dabble when back home. Thanks.
Favourite is still the manual controls so far i guess.

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What OS are you running?
Have you relocked your bootloader?
Magisk already running?

Without Magisk already running and a locked bootloader you have to unlock your bootloader to install Magisk, what means you will loose all your data and have to setup your phone again.
That’s the reason i didn’t do it.

By back home i mean back from vacation.
I am running stock right now and will have to look into anything beyond that as i am pretty happy with what i got generally.
Won’t make hasty destruction. dw.

Good News everyone!
I haven’t read what exactly they did but the last update fixed most of the issues i had.
Autofocus went from unusable to excellent.
Lighting seems better but might just be good conditions on my side.
White balance seems better.
I can now wholeheartedly recommend the Fairphone for it’s camera.

Big shout-out to the Fairphone team for stepping up and delivering what was promised!


Maybe you can share some pictures in the FP4 - Pictures Gallery?

According to Fairphone another update will come that will add more improvements. My Fairphone should be delivered around halfway April. Would be nice if the camera then is improved as well as the mics.