Fairphone 4 camera artifacts on 48MPx images?

I get weird camera artifacts when taking photos in the full 8K resolution, they don’t appear when taking images with a “normal” resolution. I’ll attach some sample images. They appeared randomly and didn’t happen before. Is it a hardware or software issue?

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I have the exact same issue. I am very curious if this only needs some software fix or the camera needs replacing.

I think I see some distortion even in normal resolution.

I tried doing the same shot but with phone orientation changed. Artifacts appear on the same edge of the physical sensor.
I would lean more towards hardware problem.

Alright, I’ll send support a nice letter. Hope it’s covered by warranty as I treat my phone pretty well. Hopefully they’ll just send a new module, I cannot be arsed with reinstalling everything. If they offer me a new replacement phone, I’ll buy a new camera module myself.

In case they consider this a Hardware issue, they will most likely ask you to send it to their repair center. Normally they neither just send out a replacement module or phone.

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Will my phone keep its settings if it goes to a repair center? I’m really not fancying setting it up again.

I will be returning it to the shop… I just bought it 2 days ago :frowning_face:

No you will have to do a factory reset

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Then I’ll just order a new camera module.

It’s a good phone, I had mine for roughly a year now. Luckily it’s repairable.

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Maybe you find a #fairphoneangel near you who is willing to swap camera modules with you once. Like that you could check if it’s really a hardware problem.


My mother owns a FP4, I’ll switch when I get home from my vacation. Thanks for the suggestion, I wouldn’t have gotten it on my own.


Could it be some aberration on the lens or between the lens and the cover etc. That’s still the camera module though :thinking:

I have no idea what I did, but I rubbed the lens along some fabric to clean it, and the artifacts are gone. I’ll see if they persist in bright conditions, but in my comparingly dark room, there’s not a single artifact anymore.


Slight oil from a finger print maybe.

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Nevermind, the issue is back. Not amused to see it break after only a year, but luckily I can just buy a new camera module.

Support already sent me a replacement once when my display had a dead pixel, so I figured they’d do it again.

Is it identical or in a different part of the ‘lens’. Just curious, no need to respond :slight_smile:

It’s identical. I decided to ask support for help, maybe I will have a reason to switch to /e/OS then.

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Hey there. I have the same issue and noticed, that those artifacts started after the latest security update. As the OP said, it only affects 48MP pictures. Normal pics with HDR are not affected by this. My phone is new (1-2 Months) so a lens issue is rather uncommon for me.