Fairphone 3+ wont charge

My Fairphone 3+ will not charge and my battery has run out. When I try to charge it, the Fairphone logo appears on the screen, followed by a message to leave connected. Then screen goes blank and this who process repeats itself without charging.

My charging cable works, I have cleaned the bottom module but still no luck so now have no phone and when contacting customer support, they say it takes 5-6 days to come back.

Any helpful tips because unfortunately I cannot live without a phone for a week or more.

Could just be the contacts of the battery and those in the battery compartment. I had something similar with an FP2.

Use a cotton bud and high-grade surgical alcohol or isopropanol to clean them. Leave for three hours to dry before inserting the battery again.

How has the battery been behaving lately?

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Thanks for this idea. WIll try this morning and see how it goes.

You might want to consider an external charger while trying to work out what is broken and how to fix it, I did External universal chargers for Fairphone batteries

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