Fairphone 3+ turned off unexpectedly, impossible to turn it back on

My FP3+ turned off unexpectedly and it is now impossible to turn it back on. The light doesn’t turn on when plugged. It might have had a shock since it turned off while I was snowboarding.
The power button is a bit soft and doesn’t click as neatly as the volume button. No light when plugged in.
What I tried so far:

  • I dismantled the phone and played with the power button. I managed to turn it on a couple of times by pressing the power button strongly while holding firmly the battery and the rest of the phone. But since then, I can’t turn it on again.
  • I removed the button itself and tried to turn the phone on by pressing the metal plate behind the button with a screwdriver. I could hear the click, but had no reaction from the phone.
  • I tried all the possible button combinations + plugging it on.
  • I put it on charge but the light doesn’t turn on.
  • I tested the same procedure with another battery.

So I doubt the problem could only come from the power button since the light doesn’t turn on when on charge. Since I still managed to turn it on a couple of times while holding it all firmly, I’m thinking it could be a connection problem.

Does anyone know if there is a module I could try replacing (bottom module, maybe?) for this kind of problem?
Or is there anything else I could try?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Hi First of all the sort of work you have done with the power button will have voided the warranty, if you still had one.

You can try a more indepth clean of the bottom module, as the power button shouldn’t stop the LED coming on.

When the battery is completely dead is also shuts down and will require a few hours to ‘come alive’ and for the LED to light up

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The Power Mangament IC on the mainboard might be defective.

A repair is explained in this post: Fairphone 3+ is dead, will not turn on - #7 by sarofel

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