Fairphone 3 table dock/stand with amplifier

thanks to the 3D Model of the Fairphone 3 made by @Tig3rch3n I build a desktop stand for the Fairphone 3 with amplifier.

Version 3:

Version 1

Looks a little bit like the 80th, like Braun design :slight_smile:
The prototype is still printing, so real pictures will follow.

The included amplifier (my first ever) looks inside like this:

The prototype will show, if it works or if it’s just a gimmick.

The files are open source and downloadable at

The USB-C adaper I used: Goobay 55556 90° USB-C adapter (amazon-link)

:warning: I don’t sell the desktop stand, but feel free to use one of the 3d online printing services or maybe you have a maker space around your corner


First print of the prototype:

  • :white_check_mark: Amplifier works great, for my hearing it puts the volume up to 150%-ish, it’s far louder than expected, but now you can hear clearly that bass is missing
  • the amplifier output couldbe bigger for styling/optical reasons
  • I had some very minor printing errors, like horizontal lines
  • the Fairphone Logo has to be deeper in the block, like +0.5mm

Version 2

What do you think about this version?


I think esthetically I like version 1 better. Minor detail: I’d have all four corners of the amplifier output rounded (not the inner ones sharp and just the outer ones rounded).

Looks super-professional! :+1:


Looks very nice. I think it could be great for making a video call. If I ever start 3D printing I’d try to edit the model to fit the bumper, since I hardly ever take it off the phone.

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I now realize this is also meant as a charging device. However, the connector hole at the bottom leaves rather little space below so it appears unlikely that a normal USB-C cable could/should be bent enough to fit? Probably needs an extension?

Yes, I intend to plug a charging cable, but my (and possible) all charging USB-C cable heads are to big and I measured it wrong :frowning:

To solve this

So lot’s of improvement for (digital) version 3 :slight_smile:


The adapter seems the more convincing option. It might also provide more rigidity/(physical) resistance in the moment the FP3 is plugged down onto the connector.

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For my prototype I bought the 90° USB-C adapter (amazon-link) and printed an adapter for the desktop stand to gather some experience.

Now I can start with the next version.


This is wonderful, I’d buy one. Beats my Lego phone holder easily.


Never even thought of doing a lego phone holder :man_facepalming: Thanks for the idea.


Today I had some time to build a printable version 3 with a (maybe) blue basement and integrated USB-C adapter. The basement allows more space underneath so that the cable can easily be un/-plugged. It also allows to choose the color, like orange, blue or wood or modifications of the adapter without reprinting the upper part.

Here are the pictures:


Hi schmulschubiak,

do you plan to sell the final version?

By the way V3 looks very cool :slight_smile:



Hej @JuengerJesu,
I’m sorry, I don’t sell because I don’t have the capacities. But the 3D printing files are open source, so you can just download them and use a printing service of your choice.

Printing files (.stl) at prusaprinters.org
Printing files (.stl) at thingiverse.com

A quick look shows there a plenty of printing services with wide scale of prices, here is one example, to get an idea of prices and setup (but no guarantee, never tried it): craftcloud


Nice work. About that usb adapter, where can I get one of those?

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I used this one Goobay 55556 90° USB-C adapter (amazon-link)

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I tried this in version 3 and it looks way better, the amplifier tunnel is also more symmetric


great ! would it be easy to add a female USB-A in order to use it as a docking station with mouse and keyboard ?

Yes, simply use an adaper (cable) like this one and an USB hub.
You could also use a displaylink USB adapter and mirror the screen on a big monitor.

We use displaylink for flex-office at work. I confirm that, with an OTG adapter, it works perfectly with the FP2 : display, mouse, and keyboard work fine.


this is great!
can i get the Fp3 3d model?
i want to try to print a waterproof case, cus there is none on the Interwebz.
I really want to stick to this phone 5-9 years, but to achieve this I need protection.

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