Fairphone 3 suddenly doesn't work and start anymore

Hello there.
Unfortunately, my Fairphone 3 suddenly doesn’t work anymore. From one moment to the other.
The on/off button didn’t react well anymore, but the screen would now and then be shown. The touch screen didn’t react either, or very slowly, and I couldn’t perform any actions anymore. When pressing the on/off button long to turn it off, it didn’t react. I took out the battery, put it back, and since then it won’t start anymore. Now and then when I press the on/off button there is still a little vibration, but nothing else happens.
Just as a side note - the past weeks my camera app sometimes didn’t work, but I don’t think this can be related to the current problems.
Another side note - I bought the Fairphone 3 second hand, so no warranty, but up to now it just worked fine.
Does anyone by chance have an idea what the problem could be? In hardware? The screen?

I’m located in South-West-England at the moment, there are no support angels near me on the map. What do you think - should I first bring it to a normal phone repair shop? Or is there an option to send it to the Fairphone company or somewhere?

Thanks for your help!
Cheers Johanna

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If there’s still vibration (e.g. when you connect the FP3 to charge) and the LED lights up, it’s a good sign. You should dismount and remount the display, it might be a problem with the connection between the display and the rest of the phone.

Make sure to heed the (black font) advice in Step 9.


Maybe you can clean all the contacts with a cotton stick with alcohol.


Thanks. I am trying that atm. The two last screws just won‘t turn at all, frustrating. Gotta try it again with another tool I guess.

Finally, I got all screw loose. Put the display back on and it worked again, yey! I had forgotten to mention that the mobile had fallen earlier that day, so maybe the contacts got loose. But weird that it did function for some hourse after falling and suddenly not anymore. Anyway, thanks for the help!