Fairphone 3 slowing down

Hello everybody, in the last few weeks my Fairphone 3 has suddenly slow down a lot. It happened just few weeks before Fairphone 4 and Android 11 announcements, I was therefore wondering if this could be a case of planned obsolescence, because if it is I would be very disappointed. So I wanted to know if it is happening to other people as well, or if it is just me. If it’s just me, what could I do? Sometimes I can barely use it :confused:

How much of your internal storage is used? (Settings > Storage)

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I’d be more than disappointed, but I pretty sure that’s not Fairphone mode of operation. You will find people here with six year old phones that are working fine, not many though :slight_smile:

As mentioned you will require some memory available generally maybe 6GB

If you have an SD card hopefully it is formatted as portable. If you don’t have an SD card it may be wise to get one, format it as Portable/External NOT Internal and move your media/ videos, pictures, music etc to the SD card to free up space on the internal 64GB

If you continue to have problems save all your data and do a factory reset. If that doesn’t sort the problem contact support@fairphone dotcom


Thank you for the detailed answer, I don’t have an SD card but I have almost 7 GB free in the internal storage

7Gb should be OK. I imagine there’s some apps continually dragging on the processors.

Try starting in safe mode. this with disbale, not delet your apps, though you may have to enetr some config details when you restart them.

Run the phone in safe mode and re-enable each app to see if you can find one or two that re not playing nicely.

You can also set the phone not to run apps in the background when you are not using them.

Are you aware of the Developer mode options?

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I have deleted some stuff in the storage and now I have 8GB free, I will consider to buy an SD card where I could put the 15GB of media that I have. At the moment it’s working, if it will slow down again I will try with the safe mode. Thank you very much for the help :slight_smile:

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So if it’s a bit better with 7GB I’ll have to note that for future ref.

Just note: the top option to format a clean SD is Internal, do not use it.

You can format the SD in a PC first if you like.


Without knowing what software you have installed there’s no way we can know what’s going on.

Have you tried completely wiping and going back to default settings?

How many ‘cloud applications’ use you using?

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I bought a new SD card and setted it as portable, but this way I can’t automatically save there all the media. If I can, would you be so kind to tell me how? :))

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You have to look at the individual apps and see if they have such a setting, some don’t.

Otherwise where it is not possible to store your media directly just move them later to secure them.

As direct storage to the SD card can be slower some apps, maybe a video in HD, may not provide that option on live recordings.

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