Fairphone 3 rapidly draining battery and overheating

Since the latest update (6.A.025.0) my Fairphone 3+ and my partners Fairphone 3 have started to completely drain the battery in 2-3 hours. The system has become seriously unresponsive, and phone is getting hot on the core-module/motherboard.

This is a sudden change in the behaviour of the phone (began yesterday morning 6 March 2024).

It is also regularly rebooting.


I was considering posting something today since my phone has been getting hot if I leave apps running and it is less responsive than usual with the equivalent apps open. However, I installed the recent update several days ago, seemingly without any immediate effect, and I am not experiencing rebooting issues… (I have actively rebooted a couple of times today, but it didn’t appear to help at all.)

I kind of have the same issue since recently: my phone discharge quickly (3-4h after full charge I am below 20%) and heat up while I am not doing anything with it.
I tried to put it in battery saving mode today but it does not seem to change anything.

It does not reboot however

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Did you guys check which app is causing the CPU load and battery drain?

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The drain is not showing being attributed to any app. Just now it has 7% that is attributed to Apps, and 36% from full charge.


I just charged mine to near full so lost the opportunity to check the historical usage (as far as I can tell?), but will keep an eye on it. Having said that, it does seem to have settled for the time being…

I am having same issue
I bought a new battery thinking that was the issue - it isn’t, the brand new battery is more or less the same
I tried ‘kicking’ the battery but that hasn’t helped
I am on 6.A.025.0
There are NO app usage above 2%
I am about to commit hours resetting the thing
Not impressed

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There’s now a similar report In the German-language Fairphone Facebook group (not public), but from someone who is still on Android 11 (so no update to 6.A.025.0). Perhaps recent Google updates from the Play Store are the culprit. That user report cites Facebook and Chrome as the biggest consumers.


Ah, the memories, thanks for that. Fun times.

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Well I have the update on my phone since a few days, and there is definitely a battery drain - I just posted here Software update: FP3/FP3+ 6.A.025.0 - #7 by King-brioche

Overnight drain… I am charging my phone twice a day at least now, before ut was only once or even less…

And android app as the first consumer.

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Have you also installed any new applications? I upgraded my FP3 (Default OS) to build 6.A.025.0 a week ago (or so) and haven’t noticed anything different in terms of battery life (still good even though it is more than 4 years old).

I have some system apps disabled (I had those before the update as well). Maybe it’s not that, but to look for a possible cause: maybe it’s one of those apps that are causing the problem? In my case, I have the following apps disabled:

Apps that I have disabled
  • Android Auto
  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Chrome
  • Contacts
  • Drive
  • Photos
  • Gboard
  • Gmail
  • Google
  • Google TV
  • Sound Recorder
  • Maps
  • Meet
  • Messaging
  • My Fairphone
  • Keep Notes
  • Clock
  • Phone
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Music
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Hmmmm… I uninstalled the latest app I’ve installed (MyFitnessPal), yet I’d be surprised this is the issue.
I deactivated “Google TV” that I never use and showed 5% use, I’ll keep you posted, thanks for the tip.

Note : I just charged my phone to 100%, will monitor the apps draining the battery and re-post.


Mine continues to be working normally after charging yesterday so hopefully it was a passing issue.

Okay, so I tried uninstalling updates and disabling Apps.

I uninstalled updates for

  • Google
  • Google Photos
  • XBox Game Pass

And the phone is feeling more responsive. I’ll see if it is actually improving the battery life, and if it does I can try to work out which App was responsible.

I had the exact same problem. It seems to work now and this is what I did:

I tried a second battery, but that didn’t work.
I updated all the google apps in the play store.
I turned it off completely and charged it to 100%.

It seems to work now but the problem might return… I hope it is fixed and that this comment might help someone

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I experience a similar problem. My Fairphone gets really hot (I could narrow it down to the use of Spotify and navigation apps like Osmand).
Sometimes I charge it in the car while navigating and the battery drains faster than the charging process ( so it looses battery power while charging).

To ask oe obvious, do you have a spare battery & or use the current battery in another phone.


I had the same problem for few days because of this Android security upgrades.

I have installed all the upgrades for my app thanks to play store.

I have also upgrades Google play services to the latest version.

Everything seems in order now.

I Hope it Can help you.

Best regards.


Probably google is force-updating all the apps? I had a strange behavior with my fairphone 5 on saturday (or yesterday). Took it out the bag and it was really hot (and showing a warning i should keep it well vented in case i would be updating apps) although it was not doing anything unusual.
I just checked and both my fairphone 3 and fairphone 5 have all apps updated to the latest version. Usually the apps do lag behind for some reason.

I have uninstalled, and then reinstalled several apps, and the problems seems to have gone away. Thanks all the suggestions.

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