Fairphone 3 now not charging when switched on, how can I get it to charge when switched on?

I recently got my Fairphone 3 wet and after two days of drying it, it now works but will only change when it is switched off. When it’s switched on using the same charger it won’t charge. How can I get it to charge when it’s switched on?
Hope you can help

Maybe your charger has that less power to keep it only alive but not strong enough to charge it

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It seems to charge ok when it’s switched off and plugging it into another USB charge point it works the same, I don’t think it is isolated to the charger. This is a recent thing and only just started happening after it needed a reboot after getting wet.

It was getting wet
OK, maybe that’s a problem with an electrical short circuit
Will be hard to troubleshoot

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HI try and check via dialling *#*#66#*#* Service tests > Test Single > Battery status check > OK
You can do this whilst on battery then whilst monitoring > Plug in the charger as ‘Instructed’ at the bottom. This will show if it is registering.

The dampness can take more days to get out. Ensure you keep the phone in flow of air when not using if you can and even dismantle and allow more air in side.

You don’t say how you dried it. Did you dismantle the phone and look for the red squares, (dampness indicators) ?


It got wet and stopped working and was just showing on screen a “No command” statement and icon. After drying it I managed to do a reset and it started working, but I couldn’t charge it. I then dried it some more and got it to charge switched off but it’s still not charging when switched on four days on. I can see how Fairphones are going to be sensitive to water ingress, I did think it could be a short when it would charge at the start. :-/

OK. I got to the battery status check:
Plug type: None
Status: Not charging
Result: Plug in charger

I tried it again and got
Plug type: Charging
Status: Charging
Result: Plug in charger

the battery icon does not have the charging sign.

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No I just took off the back of the phone and took the battery out and stuffed the battery section with toilet tissue and wrapped the whole lot with toilet tissue. Seems I should take the back off as well and look for the dampness inidcator?

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Well the good news is it may be charging

You can confirm that by doing the test again and check the battery voltage after a while.

Yes the toilet paper idea i good for the bum but not so hot for the phone. Appart from leaving it damp inside you may get fibres in the phone, they are small and largely invisible.

You are lucky you didn’t use the toilet paper inside the phone modules :slight_smile:
Check out other similar posts to get a good view on what to do and what others have done.

All the best.




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Cheers for the advice, I’m going to give it a good dry and see how I get on. I was backpacking so had limited resouces to dry my phone.
I’ll let everyone know how I get on.


Swinging from a tree gets the wind up your behind and the phone and can save paper :slight_smile:

Resolved the issue with my FP3 by buying a new phone not a fairphone.
For me the FP3 was a waste of money.

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