Fairphone 3 not charging, mobile data problems

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My first post here, thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

After forgetting my fairphone 3 in the train a couple months ago I bought another second hand fairphone 3 (as I was very satisfied with this phone). As this phone is second hand I don’t know the history of the phone. At first I ran it with the stock fairphoneOS without any issues for a couple of hours. Then I switched to e/os, now it is running e/os v1.14

For some weeks now I have had troubles with the mobile data, sometimes I have a 4g connection, but it stops very often. Sometimes the connection comes back when I go to the internet settings… My girlfriend also has a fairphone 3 running the stock OS with the same provider and has no problems with the data, so it has nothing to do with coverage.
Does anyone has some ideas to find out where the problem might be? (Hardware, OS, APN settings, etc…)
I would like to check out some things before reinstalling with stock OS to see if it helps…

Another issue started this week: the phone is not charging anymore above 40 percent, and the last days not at all. I keep it working by swapping out batteries with my girlfriends phone, which is charging fine (so also both batteries are fine) when I plug the charger the led comes on, but the battery symbol does not show the little charging symbol. Again, is there a way to check whether this is a hardware or software issue?

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Sorry you lost your phone!

I presume that you’ve already tried changing cable and charger. Maybe you use the same ones for charging the other phone so you know that they function correctly.

I think I would start with the hardware. Remove dust and lint with the small brush tool of a vacuum cleaner, or compressed air, and a wooden or plastic toothpick. Pay special attention to the USB port. Disassemble the phone (see the Ifixit tear-down here). Make sure all the contacts of the modules, battery and battery compartment are clean. Use a cotton bud with Isopropanol or high-grade surgical alcohol. Allow to dry overnight before re-assembly.

If necessary, you can check whether the bottom module needs replacing. Swap that of your FP3 with that of the other phone (if your GF is willing of course!) If that’s not convenient, check out the Fairphone Angels page to see whether there’s one near you who might be able to help.

For the mobile data problem, you presumably have a new SIM after losing the old phone, but make sure it’s properly seated. You can swap it to test in the other phone. I would expect the APNs to be identical in the two phones.

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