Fairphone 3 may be dead?

Hello there,

TL;DR ; phone dead, doesn’t seems to be the battery and I’m asking if there’s other things I could try.
Here’s the complete explanation if that’s could hint to an issue :

Last week-end I went camping. My fairphone was working well, it just powered off during the week-end because of low battery (didn’t see it powered off but last time I checked it was below 10%). I let it in the tent for the whole week-end. It was raining so a lot of humidity in the air but it was inside the tent. I have a second phone that wasn’t affected at all by humidity during the week-end.
When I came back home and wanted to charge it, it didn’t start. No led, no vibrating, nothing. I tried different cable, connected it to my computer, followed the battery guide, nothing.
Yesterday I was able to try another battery (that was charged) and my phone didn’t started. No vibrating, nothing.

I don’t know what the issue can be. At first I thought it may be the battery or the usb-c port but it doesn’t seems to be the issue (because of the battery test). I thought about the phone working with the screen broken but because it’s not even vibrating, I don’t think it’s the issue.

Do you guys have any idea, any other tests I can perform to find the issue ?


Have a look at other topics.



From what I read complete dissassembly and cleaning can help.
Other topics are on unbricking the phone but because it’s not even connecting to pc (even with another name), I don’t thing it’s a software issue

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I was referring to those talking about sudden death (hardware)… And yes I would start to dismantle and see if there are issues seen due to “water” ingress…

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OK so today I finally had time to start dismantling my phone.
Juste before doing so I tried to plug it in again and it started charging!
It still too low to be powering on completely.

So I think it may be humidity and it might have dry during these 10 days without using it.

Thanks a lot guys

I might have been joyful too early…
So when i plugged it in, it vibrated, show the red led and the charging screen.
So I wandered to other things waiting it to charge. But when I came back, no led, no charging screen, nothing.

So I dismantled it entirely, dismantled the bottom, camera and top module. Even took off the motherboard and cleaned it. Removed the dust everywhere with cotton and alcohol. I didn’t see any thing weird.

Got it all back together and it didn’t change, my phone is still completely off.

Any ideas?