Fairphone 3 Loudspeaker issues

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Sometimes when I call and push the loudspeaker button, there is no change. But when I plug in my headset to the USB port, suddenly the loudspeaker gets into action.
Anyone familiar with this phenomena as well?


Do you mean that once the headset is plugged in, the sound comes from the external speaker on the bottom left side of the FP3?

Anyway, dial * # * # 6 6 # * # * to access a range of hardware tests (perhaps also available in the app “My Fairphone”). These should include loudspeaker and earspeaker tests.

If you consider the hardware is OK, following @urs_lesse guide, then you may want to consider a software option.
The most common ways of investigating an uncommon anomaliy is to check the SD card formatting and trying a Safe Mode restart.

See this recent post for more detail on SD card

and this for Safe Mode

Thank you!
Yes, this is exactly what happens.

I will try to follow your instructions and let you know the results.

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I ran the tests and they were successful.
I also noticed that this phenomenon happens only when I plug in the headset to the USB port, not to the PL on top.

Also, sometimes when I turn the speaker on when I am holding on the line, when I get answered and I try to turn off the speaker, the speaker stays on. I noticed it happens only when Im calling IVR systems, not on regular calls. It happens several times actually.

Do you have any idea? It seems like a software bug to me.

Thank you again!

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