Fairphone 3 loses wifi connection

my ripoff-fairphone-3 still regularly looses wifi despite all the fixes offered.
I’ll never buy such a rubbish piece of hardware again. And I find this whole forum to be reminicent of Microsoft support: let the company rake in the money and ignore it’s users who can try to help each other out.

when this phone dies, it’s going in a landfill as ripoff-fairphone won’t even recycle from my country.

Do yourself a favour, do not ever buy products from this rubbish company again.

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Hi @fracgeol Looks like you’re not having an easy time with your Fairphone, mind you who said being rich enough to buy a Fairphone is going the easy way.

Me disappointed, maybe with my expectations.
Rip-off Hmm! I bet the miners and factory workers are not being treated so badly, hopefull.

Support for some can be a never ending story and for some it’s never an issue. No-one can provide for exactly what I want so I learn to be tolerant of other people’s promises that turn out to be poorly understood.

Surely the country where you reside has some alternative recycling arrangement.

Well take care as I’m sure you do.

All the best

Yeah, unfortunately since owning one (Sept 2020), I’ve become pretty disillusioned by the Fairphone project. I’ve faced a number of issues which in isolation would be bearable, but for me it’s more a case of death by a thousand cuts. As well as the wifi issue… the fingerprint sensor rarely works, the camera is awful, the screen is not sensitive enough to register touches, and that is all on top of it being a “slow” phone performance-wise (understandably).

I used to get a new phone once every ~3 years. Now I think I will replace my Fairphone after 1 year.

Can you send it back under warranty, it sounds dreadful?

Have you tried the trick with the fingerprint sensor, of covering it with a piece of sellotape.

But if the screen is unresponsive it ought to be looked at by Fairphone.

Your issues are not what is generally expected, so I wouldn’t lay that as general Fairphone quality, mind you support can be unresponsive and laggy too :slight_smile:

Have you tested the modules etc. by dialling *#*#66#*#*

Service tests > Test single > . . .

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With another Fairphone?


my findings:
FP3 looses WiFi connection regularily after update to Android 10 and became worse after the latest update (Kernel-Version 4.9.218-perf+ #2 Thu May 13 14:39:54 CST 2021)
Fritzbox 7490 with latest FritzOS serving several Apples, Win10s and Androids all of them without any connection issues, except the FP3
Changed the 5GHz channel to 52 without any success at all.
What seems to help in my case are the following settings
WLAN->Einstellungen (Settings of my homeWiFi)->Erweitert->Netzwerknutzung: Wie ‘kostenlos’ behandeln (dissabling the automatic function)
I also changed some google seetings: I switched off the ‘Standortgenauigkeit’ (location accuracy )

Since I also suffered from the bluetooth bug (no possibility to take phone calls after connecting to a bt device) I know that this mobile device is the first and last from this company,

I’m sorry that so many people are having wifi issues with this rubbish phone (terrible camera and no wifi, in 2021??)

anyway as you say:

I know that this mobile device is the first and last from this company,

@fracgeol @dau etc.

Have you contacted support [@] fairphone [.] com as clearly the majority of users don’t seem to have such issues and unless you have taken the phone for a swim etc. you are covered by a two year warranty from the date of purchase. If your phone is so bad why keep it, send it back.

Yes I have had a few problems and the camera output is not as good as I would like, but not much in the world is as good as I’d like. This is an investment in Fairtrade and at this end of the line there is a trade off. So whereas it’s nowhere near a good phone in terms of specs etc. it’s better than I expected from such a small company trying to set the world to rights.


It would be fair to inform customers about such trade offs before they are going to buy that product. Honestly it is a waste of resources in regard to users who rely on stability and therefore cannot live with an unreliable device. I suggest changing the name Fairphone to Trade-Off-Phone, because, as you said:

Yeah, they keep on trying… and trying… and trying… And the Fairphone users are parts of this world, too…

You have forgotten to give an advice which phone to buy afterwards…

BTW, sorry for getting off-topic here, I am just a small guy trying not to blame the Fairphone company… trying… and trying… and trying…

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Hello, sorry for the delay in replying to you, I was going through the rounds with fairphone support.
After a few run-of-the-mill questions: did you reboot your modem, have you tried other networks, did you reboot your phone, etc etc etc, they finally acknowledeged what I said all along: the issue lies with the phone (either the hardware, OS or software).

The only solution they can offer is for me to send it back for repairs, then wait up to 10 days with no phone and no guarantee that it’ll be fixed. Given that I bought the phone on the advertised premise that the end-user can swap out modules and fix the phone, and it is even engraved on the side that it’s “designed to open”, this is simply not acceptable as it is exactly the same solution as Apple, Google, Samsung, >insert large smart phone brand name< would offer. So in this context I bid all you kind fairphone users well, for my part this is the end of my FP adventure.

Best wishes to one and all.

Yes that’s a pain.

However regarding your remarks … this is not acceptable a) as you put it it’s the same as Samsung et all but b) How would anyone discover what the problem is without testing.

I’m sure if Fairphone could have identified the problem without you returning it they would have sent you a new module.

And most importantly the phone is under a two year warranty until end August 2021) so it will be fixed at no cost to you, unless they see there has been water damage. Now will Samsung give you two years?

Finally if you are to keep the phone there is still the option of a resolution maybe via a #fairphoneangel

And if you are ever tempted to bin it please let me or a #fairphoneangel know as it may be possible to pass it on and recoup some cash.

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Well, you can open the phone and swap modules.
Whether that fixes the phone of course depends on whether the fault actually lies with a module.
And the offer by the manufacturer to check for that is deemed unacceptable?
May your future phones just work for you, I don’t envy any manufacturer of those.


Two years are standard in the EU:

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The two year guarantee via EU legislation gives the consumer the right to a repair after 6 months if the consumer can show the fault is not of thier doing.

After 6 months, you can still hold the seller responsible for any defects up to the end of the two-year guarantee period. However, the seller can ask you to prove that the defect existed when your goods were delivered. This is often difficult, and you will may have to involve a technical expert.
FAQs - Guarantees and returns - Your Europe

In the UK a consumer has six years to claim.

What is different is that unlike Samsung, Fairphone offer a 2 year warranty that is not EU legislation dependent.


There is no standard for a manufacturer warranty in the EU.

Only the seller has to stand in for defects. But after six months, it’s up to the buyer to proof, that the failure has been in the device at the time it was sold. That’s nearly impossible. So you only can hope, that the seller is generous.

Ups, too late :slight_smile:


It depends. In case of a software failure, the chance almost anyone else has experienced the fault is quite high, so the buyer can proof easily.

I had the same problem with my Fairphone 3 connecting with my TP-Link Archer AX50. I’m pretty sure it’s a combination of Fairphone & certain access points. I had no disconnects with 5 GHz Wifi at my workplace, only at home.
I’ve managed to finally solve it by disabling 5 Ghz as some people also mentioned here. The phone now only connect on 2.4 GHz and stays connected. I don’t need the 5 GHz speed on my phone anyway. The setting was hidden pretty well on Android:
Settings → Network & internet → WiFi → scroll to bottom → WiFi preferences → WiFi frequency → Set it from automatic to 2.4 GHz only.

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