Fairphone 3 loses wifi connection

I have recently noticed that my FP3 constantly looses wifi.
A laptop connected to the same wifi sitting right next to the FP3 can hold the connection for hours on end with no issues at all, but my FP3 is forever dropping connection.

Has anyone else had this issue? it’s clearly related to the FP3 as no other android phone I’ve owned has ever had this issue, my wifi signal is strong and stable, and other phones and laptops have no such issue.

I’d be curious to hear about other people’s experience and perhaps a solution.


https://forum.fairphone.com/search?q=fp3%20wifi :wink:

Well thanks but I’ve seen those posts and they don’t answer my question. My phone does connect, but it looses connection regularly.

It’s really annoying and getting to the point where I might ditch this so called eco phone for one that actually works.

Does this answer a bit better your question?

I have problems with 5GHz bands as well on my FP2, you may have this same problem.


Thank you @alex21 that does seem to have helped, much appreciated! Here’s hoping it was the problem all along.



I suspect interferences between phone and laptop, as I experienced session lock on an mac sitting on a PC laptop. I advice you also check there is nothing activated like connection sharing.

Try to connect your phoe in a room w/o other active equipments.

Hello, I’ve marked @alex21 's answer as a solution, at least for now.
Thank you for your comment but if this phone only connected with no other devices around, it would be useless in this day and age.
Still, thanks for the suggestion.

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I’m on a 2.4 GHz WiFi and have the same problem. For me I found out that enabled bluetooth is the biggest cause of the problem. It still appears without bluetooth enabled, but a lot less. The worst case is having a Bluetooth headset connected and trying to watch a YouTube Video or - even worse - listening to some Music with Amazon Music (Does not work at all. YouTube keeps a bigger buffer, so not as noticeable - expect the constant appearing/disappearing of the green bar “You’ve been reconnected”)
I don’t have a fix for it. I was told by the support to factory reset it, but haven’t had the time, yet. (And not much hope, since it its basically a brand new phone anyway)

I’m having the same issue and I’ve installed a third-party app to select a suitable channel and play around the constant disconnection problems… So far I haven’t had any success. What exactly did you do to get a better, stable Wifi connection?

Ive limited my bandwidth to 2.4Ghz but I’m still getting problems very regularly.

That combined with the awful camera means I’ll never recommend a fairphone to anyone and will not buy another one.

I’m actually considering throwing it in the bin (as FP doesn’t recycle from my country) and buying an HTC again.

Fairphone is full of promise but it doesn’t deliver.

Unfortunately WiFi issues are caused by many different things: broken antennae, frequency conflicts (respectively Bluetooth disturbances), low signal due to massive walls, etc. Fairphone have not invented this technology…

Check if your surrounding is too crowded, and if there are daytimes where WiFi connections are good. Even a microwave can interfere with specific 2.4 GHz channels.

My Bluetooth is off, I have a WiFi modem right under my desk and three devolo WiFi sources, I’m on different channels to my neighbours. Finally I never had a single such problem on my three HTC phones.

So it’s Fairphone that’s the problem.

You sent your first post on July 10th, so something could have changed since. Can you verify with at least one of your old HTC phones?

I have verified and I can confirm this only and exclusively happens on my FP3 which is up to date.

How is the WiFi experience in other networks than yours, have you checked that recently?

I have, and it’s not changing anything. But so far limiting my bandwidth to 2.4Ghz is helping! It seems it’s something showing up only with 5GHz connections?

I had the exact same problems two weeks ago in a hotel I was staying at and my partner’s Samsung phone had no such trouble.

I’m finding it rather comical that you’re doubting everything I say but never question FP.

I’ve said my piece and stated the facts.

And it appears I’m not the only one with such issues.

First it is all about ruling out other causes. Please do not conclude your assumptions as facts, they really are such when anything else has been ruled out. I have over 30 years of experience in troubleshooting (WiFi) issues, and I am still learning…

My comments are observations. Ergo they are facts.
Correlation is not causation indeed but I’ve narrowed down this behaviour to my FP3 phone.

I do not doubt your experience and expertise, and am grateful for your suggestions.

That said, the fact is my FP3 looses WiFi connection far too often, irrespective of where I am, what time it is, what network I connect to.

The fact is my HTC phones essentially never lost WiFi connection as long as I was in range, including on the same networks I use now.

I truly respect them.

My advise: Be careful when referring to Fairphone failure as a fact in this regard. I must admit that there are a lot of (ongoing) Fairphone failures, but actually such a case regarding the FP3 model is rather untypical and not a known issue, AFAIK…

Back to yours: Maybe the antennae of your FP3 is somehow damaged/broken. I do not know if it is possible to check the connectors, maybe someone else can report.