Fairphone 3+ just turned black

Hello Lads and Gents,

I used my phone normally, no customs, no water accident, not nothing unusual did happen, the battery was quite completely loaded.

I took the phone out of my pocket, pressed the button to unlock the screen but nothing happened. I searched the web and found the tip to press power button and music low to force a power down, so I did. And then I wanted to turn on again, what really worked but there was just a haptic reaction and a long time the Fairphone-logo on black background and the it turned black again.
Since this it is just like a black piece of plastic with glass :wink: no reaction on pressing any buttons no reaction on putting in charger, not haptic, no LED-lightening, just nothing.

It is not quite old (less than a year, I would say) and there are lots of data on it, so I would really like to recover it.

Can anyone give me a good idea, what I can do?


Ah, sorry, only just noticed you have no LED response either :-(

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First question: When you try to charge your FP3+, is the LED (the little indicator lamp in the top corner of the front side) lit?

If that is the case, the “blackout” might be caused by an interrupted connection between the phone body and the display module. You can check the seam between these on the slim (!) side of the phone to spot any gaps, and if you find any, gently press together the device until the gaps are closed (you might sense or hear clicks when it’s back into place).

If that isn’t enough to make a difference, you can remove the display module and then put it back in place:

Fairphone 3 Display Module Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide


Hi Fp3p and welcome

As your phone is still under warranty you should contact official Support https://support.fairphone.com
You can also dismantle (see ifixit link in Urs’s post) and clean all internal contacts, but in a case like this I would get in touch with Support first.


Hi there,

same thing happened to me two weeks ago.
Phone just turned black.
Since then, it stayed this way.

Did you find any way to get the phone up and running again?
Because, just as in your case, there are loads of data on the phone that I really would like to retrieve BEFORE sending the phone in.



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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Does the phone charge, i.e. when you plug it in do you get the LED notification and as above, do you still have a valid warranty?

Hi amoun,

the phone suddenly didn’t operate anymore. The screen went black and it stays this way ever since.

Pressing on the Power button (or Volume Down + Power) does not change anything.

Charging the phone or connecting it to a PC via USB does not light the LED nor does it vibrate.

I tried different chargers and cables. I even purchased a new original Fairphone charger. No change.
I bought a new Original battery, no change.
I even exchanged the bottom module for a new one, still nothing.

Sadly, this is the already the second time.
A bit more than six months ago the phone could not be charged, regardless of the charger used.
When sending in the Fairphone, I got it back with the the note that “nothing was wrong and everything was working fine”. For the past six months everything was fine, now it is not working anymore at all.

I still have a valid warranty. And I already talked with the support.
They suggest me to send the phone in to France for a repair.

Alas, there is still data on the phone that I do need.
Since I used the external SD card I felt pretty safe when the phone stayed black. But when I took a look at it, I realised that from May on nothing was saved on the card anymore. Beforehand my images and data were stored on the SD card, but after some update (or for whatever reasons beyond my knowledge or intention) everything was apparently saved internally.

So, sending in the phone and thereby factory resetting and formatting the phone is not really an acceptable option.

Honestly, I care more for the data than for the phone. So any helpful suggestions how to retrieve the data (primarily images and videos) would be highly appreciated.



Try dismantle the screen, clean the contacts with a high percentage isopropyl alcohol and put the screen back on.

Dear Lidwien,

thanks for your help.

I dismantled the phone, remove the displayed, cleansed all the the contacts with a high percentage isopropyl alcohol and reassembled the phone.

Still, nothing happens.
The screen stays black, the phone dead, no LED, no vibration, no nothing.

Time to face the bitter facts, the phone seems lost for no apparent reason or violent mistreatment.

I looks as if I will have to send it in to France to get it repaired - but then all the data will be lost.

Thus my question: does anyone has good experience with a company that can recover data from a Fairphone. I checked several companies (“regular” repair and those specialised in recovery) in Cologne and they all went like: “Oh, a Fairphone?! Sorry, we have no clue regarding this brand.”

you might want to get in touch with https://www.mobiltec24.de/

They at least have some FP1 and FP2 experience, although I would be not to confident that the data can be restored.

Can you get in touch with a Fairphone Angel who might be able to help? There are some in the Cologne area!

I would answer the same, when I would receive the information in our angel inbox :wink: There is nothing really to be done and we have seen some similar cases here and there… so support is the best option due to warranty

just linking a few of those topics EN/DE




Yep, I am already in contact with the Angels, and apparently I did everthing that could be done. So, the phone is lost.

> so support is the best option due to warranty

Alas, support and warrenty will only save the phone, but not my data.
And until I did not try everything to recover the data on the internal store, I won’t care for the phone. Contrary: sending in the phone will destroy every hope of ever getting back the data.
(As support states, policy requires the repair comany to factory reset the phone before touching it. No exceptions to be made.)

Therefore, I will keep looking for a company that does not consider the Fairphone to be “exotic” and that is confident enough to try retrieving the data.

If anyone has additional suggestions to a good company other than “mobiltec24.de” (maybe even close to Cologne, Germany) I’d be all ears.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for your help, time and support!

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As @yvmuell mentioned me… Indeed, I had a similar case. Until date I’m still unable to recover my data from that phone, though gdb was enabled.

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