Fairphone 3 just died over night

My FP 3 went out over night because of low battery. I wanted to charge this morning, which seemed to work, the little LED was on. Then I wanted to turn it on, it vibrated shortly, the light went out and that’s it. Nothing is possible since then, it’s just dead. I tried every trick, but it’s just dead. HELP!

If a battery is extreme low, it can look like nothing is happening.
Try a #dic:kickstart. Don’t try to start your phone whilst charging. Wait till the battery is showing a green light before starting it.


There is no light showing, nothing. It’s just dead. I put the battery of a working phone in and it stays dark, nothing happens, I can’t turn it on.

For the kickstart, do you mean the version for the 1 or the 2? Cos I got a 3. I’ll try, but I’m afraid this is not a battery issue.

It doesn’t matter if you have a Fairphone 1, 2 or 3.
The procedure is the same.
Take the battery out
Plug the charger into the phone with the battery not in it
Wait a few minutes
Put the battery in the phone
Charge your phone in one go until 100%. Do not boot before the battery is full.


How do I know it’s full? There’s no light indicating that the phone is doing anything.

How long is the battery loading now?

do you have another usb-c cable and usb power adapter to try?

I have the same problem since this morning with my FP3! The battery was low, I turned it off and charged it. Since then it doesn’t react anymore. If I plug it in the LED turns green though.

I tried different ones, yes.

About an hour now, no led light on.

It’s wishful thinking of me. It could that the led is faulty.
Give it another hour and then try to boot the phone.

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Ok. “Boot” means pressing the power button? Or something special?

Just pressing the power button to start (boot) the phone.

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I just managed to get my phone to turn on finally. I removed the battery and plugged the phone for about half an hour. When I put the battery back in it turned on and I had a message that my battery was full.


That’s good. I’m happy for you!

Unfortunately, nothing. It stays dead :frowning:

I can only hope that there is a #fairphoneangels in your neighborhood with a Fairphone 3.
So that you can test if it is the battery or the phone that does not work.

Get in contact with support of Fairphone or your reseller.

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I already was in contact with a Fairphone angel. He didn’t have any clue. I put someone else’s battery in my phone which didn’t change anything. I contacted Fairphone support, I got the phone directly from fairphone.

Thank you for your help.

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Is there any experience how my chances are to recover the photos on my phone? :cry:

I gave up on the phone, but I’m so anxious for the photos…