Fairphone 3 internals

I started to collect some data about the internals of the Fairphone 3, including a PCB close-up and some findings regarding probe points available on the board. I’d love to get a serial console on that device and wonder which pads could be it. Search: github, k65onyx, fp3-notes.

The FP2 seems to expose the USB port via probe points. However, given the FP3 has USB-C connector and the processor used supports USB 3.1, I kind of doubt that’s exposed via PCB pads. Plus, the pads L, K, I are adjacent to the MMC, not the CPU. Judging by location, it’s maybe rather R, S, T that exposes an UART?

I’m a software engineer. I’d be curious about the opinion of an electronics engineer.


Wasn’t UART solved here? …

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