Fairphone 3+ in User-Profile

In the user-profile in the forum I can also select the Fairphone model.
Here I just see “3” but not “3+”.
What about adding 3+ in the settings?


Good point. I think though that “Fairphone 3” is enough (I also have an FP3+).

You know you can upgrade an FP3 with the camera, top and speaker modules that the FP3+ comes with. Does this make the FP3 an FP3+ then? It’s not so easy to determine (because there are minor differences in the core modules of FP3 and FP3+ as well, plus the FP3 case is translucent, the FP3+ case isn’t).


I had wondered but although @urs_lesse said FP3 is enough, having now pointed out the core module is different does make me think ~ ~ but then I read somewhere there were two versions of FP2 so maybe FP3 is fine, but then again why not have the option :slight_smile:

It’s just the amplifier that differs, so the difference isn’t major (FP1 and FP1U had different chips!) :slight_smile:


They could call it “3 / 3+” for the profile.

But this selection is not very flexible anyway, what about having two different Fairphones? Well, anything goes in the “About me” field :slight_smile: .


Plus the recycled plastics and increased fair materials (not really important specs wise, but still worth mentioning IMO).

I agree, I think we moderators could have an internal discussion and then contact the admins to see how else it could be organised. But you have a good point, I had thought the same (and seen the old topic you had created about it). Will keep you updated.

Well, we had a brief discussion about these things before (should people have all options to list even three devices etc.?). I for my part think it’s ok to just state one’s primary device – which I found also helps a lot to quickly determine what FP type a help request is for, given these sometimes come without immediate clarification which device is meant.

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You’re probably right. But then why could one choose FP1(U) and FP2 but not any other combination? I think in all cases this system should be improved.

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Allowing all combinations of owned Fairphones to be choosable would require 11 options. Without the FP3+ it would be 7 (I have left out the possibility that someone would actually want to indicate possession of FP3 & FP3+ and potentially other FPs – that would make it 15 options, if my math hasn’t failed me).


FP1(U) & FP2
FP1(U) & FP3
FP1(U) & FP3+
FP2 & FP3
FP2 & FP3+
FP1(U) & FP2 & FP3
FP1(U) & FP2 & FP3+

As I said, my preference is just stating the primary device in use. And I still think just dropping the “U” from FP1(U) is all right, too. So just FP1, FP2 or FP3.

The changes are similar to the differences between the first and last FP2 model, the + is just a marketing pitch imo.

I think listing just one device in the option “Fairphone” is enough, if you have more than just one Fairphone then you can write it in the field “About me”.

The reason why I was reporting the missing “3+” is: when I buy the Fairphone 3+ then I am proud to have owned something “special”.
And having the correct phone in my profile is also helpful for support cases (everyone can see that I have the 3+ and not the 3).


FP1, FP2, FP3
anymore info can go in “Aboutme”

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