Fairphone 3 case - getting loose?

Am I the only FP3 user whose case (original black Fairphone case, bought immediately when it became available on May 22 of this year) is becoming loose?

I seem to remember it was a fairly tight fit when I got it, and I haven’t removed it often (maybe once or twice). The phone lives in my pocket.

Recently I’ve noticed that the case has become loose, to the extent that I feel the phone sliding in it when I hold it upside down and right way up again, and it even slipped off the phone once or twice when I tried to fish the phone from my pocket.

I’d like to know if anyone else has this experience.


I guess you were planning to do this anyway, but still I’d encourage you to contact Fairphone Support about this. Fairphone needs to get this as feedback and you might get a replacement.

Apart from everyday wear as a likely cause, I wonder if you ever notice that your FP3 heatens up and if that might affect the case material (your description suggests the case has expanded). Removing the case appears not to be the cause with your case – I have taken off a green protective case from an FP3+ now much more often than you did and see no signs of loosening – but the device I’m holding here stays almost exclusively at home and not in bags or pockets.


Sure, I’ve contacted them 2 weeks ago and yesterday again, haven’t heard back (yet).
The phone sometimes turns warm (not hot) when I’m playing a game, and of course it’s in my pocket all the time.
I hope they offer me a new one, but I don’t think there’s much chance that that will be from a second production run, which is why I asked if others have the same issue (maybe mine is just made on monday :wink: )

Is this the feeling, when you take out the phone, or is this the feeling of the protective cover? This cover might dissipate the heat a bit, so the phone could be overheated, even if it feels “just warm”.
Though I guess this should not really explain you bad experience, as the heat is limited to just a part of the phone and therefore should not affect the whole cover.
And I have no idea, how carrying the phone in a pocket could have this effect on the cover.
Heat is a much more likely cause.
Maybe it’s the color as well and the black cover is heating up more, than the green one or it might differ slightly regarding the ingredients of the material.

P.s. This makes me wonder, if the (any) protective cover can add to or accelerate overheating the phone, as it adds a layer of insulation, hindering the heat dissipation?

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Well, the phone was definitely warmer than the outside of the cover after longer play sessions; also, we’ve had a very hot summer so heat may have something to do with the issue. Still, this shouldn’t impact the cover’s material as you say. Also, the phone works perfectly fine, so the heat can’t have been really abnormal.

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Just for the information of anyone interested, I received a new cover in guarantee, after providing support with a little movie clip showing how loose the old cover was.
The new one is nice and snug, and will - I hope - serve me faithfully for many years to come. (Oh and I got a ‘color upgrade’ out of it as well, I like the flashy green!)


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