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Hi, Id be interested in using your preset if possible, as the pics through the stock app can look washed out, even after adjusting the developer options. I’m not sure how to send a message on here! sorry JP

Hi all, can somebody of you please share an improved settings file? There is the option to save the settings in the settings manager.
Thank you very much!

I know this is a VERY late response, but… how did you manage to turn off image stabilization?

Never mind the date, it’s just that I cannot find the setting myself anymore :frowning: The way I reported it here makes me quite sure that there has been such a setting at some point, but I really do not remember.

I just had a quick look over at OpenCamera @ SourceForge and found this thread https://sourceforge.net/p/opencamera/discussion/general/thread/e2674f05/

which might not be relevant, as this is about video recordings, not photos? But I might be wrong here, go have a look yourself if you havn’t already.

Sorry, this is probably not super helpful, but I have never really engaged with the camera settings after November when I first used the FP3

Wow, I’ve had my FR3 for some months now and the camera quality is really poor. So poor that it doesn’t even compare to the camera on my old Samsung Galazy S3 which I had many years ago now. The camera on my FP2 was pretty bad but the it seems that the camera is the only thing that didn’t improve from FP2 to FP3. It’s always blurry and I must no matter what be at least half a meter away from something in order to just get a little sharpness og my photo.

Anyone else experiencing the same? Or is my camera simply broken? It is really poor and I wouldn’t say that the camera is functional for all purposes. It can mainly be used for informative photoes to myself (things I see and can photograph as an alternative to write to write et down, take a photo of how I rearranged my living room and stuff like that).

Hi! Maybe it’s your device or the app you use. For example, WhatsApp blurs photos when taking photos through it in the FP3. In this thread you can see and compare some photos taken by different Fairphone 3 users :slight_smile:


Could you post a few examples? This doesn’t sound normal.

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I feel like I’m in the same boat. I made my elderly mother get a fp3 a few months back as we are trying to transition the whole family eventually and she complained about the camera and I ignorantly thought it was on her but now I have my own I’m really disappointed in the camera. I have only used my phone cameras in a basic capacity so even some of the suggestions here I’m sort of struggling with.

is there a simple go to people would recommend for improving the camera? Do I need an app? I can’t even locate the developer options…

Hi there,
On my FP2, I found the quality of the photos for amateur photos quite impressive. I use OpenCamera, you can get it on Fdroid and the play store, and it is much better than the stock app. It has many options, and many modes, that make my phone a better camera than my mid-quality bridge camera. I don’t think developper options will help you for the camera though.
Example of what I get with OpenCamera (there numerically zoomed, so quality is not very good):

(I’m just posting this as an example for OpenCamera, sorry if I have a FP2 :sweat_smile:)

I tried open camera and the photos are still really rubbish. trying to resolve this has led me to a number of very poor reviews about the fairphone 3 which is really quite disappointing. I’ve never had the newest most impressive phone but I’ve never had photos this bad before. I use my camera mostly to photo my family including my toddler - you can’t really get them to pose or stay still - all the pictures are dark and blurry.
If anyone has a resolution I’d be so grateful as I am trying to move my whole family to fairphones for the obvious morale reasons but it’s hard to talk it up when the camera is so garbage.

How can I disable the developer options ?
Any idea ?

Have you tried clearing cache and storage of the App in Settings - Apps & notifications - Camera - Storage?
(I don’t have the stock App anymore to try.)


Works, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

exposure 0.5 in the settings does the trick, thanks a lot guys


Here are some. The first one is of a khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread I made). It was not taken with WhatsApp. As you can see everything is just blurry and bad. I have to be around at least 60 cm away form any motive in order to get somewhat a normal focus. For instance, if I want to photograph something that is 10cm away, this is impossible because everything becomes blurry.

The second one here is taken via WhatsApp, but honestly there is really no difference to the eye if it is taken with or without WhatsApp - image becomes blurry and unpleasent no matter what. As you can see, the bubbles in the beer just looks like a mess. The sparkling in the beer is too complicated a kind of movement for my FP3 to photograph properly:

Over all picture quality makes my phone camera useless for anything close to serious usage.

@AnotherElk see above for examples :slight_smile:

Regarding your two examples.

  1. I have no idea regarding the minimum focussing distance of a smartphone camera; but 10 cm is to near for a normal lens to focus correctly. Usually it’s at least 30 cm or more, even for wide-angle lenses. Unfortunately, there is no information to that regard.
  2. Was the picture taken with flashlight? Otherwise, the shutter speed might not have been short enough to get crisp bubbles, since they are moving quite swift.

So, I do not mean to say that it’s your fault, that the pictures are OK or that other phones don’t make better pictures in those circumstances. I simply don’t know, since I hardly ever have used my phone for taking pictures; because I prefer my SLR cam.
It’s just to me an explanation for the problems you describe here.

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