Fairphone 3+ Camera Speed

One think that is a bit annoying with the Fairphone 3+ is the camera speed.
I press the power-button twice, then it takes 5 Seconds until the camera is ready.
In many situations this is too long (I have missed the situation that I wanted to make a photo from).

I am currently on holidays and met an other Fairphone 3+ User.
We talked about our phones and she also mentioned the slow camera speed as “annoying”.

Is there any fix planned?
Or is there any trick I can do?


which OS and Camera app are you using? what mode are you using, HDR e.g. slows done I think.

I have the Fairphone 3+ with the default Android (that was preinstalled),
I have installed the software update 3.A.0129.20210805.
And I am using the default camera app.
I am using the camera in default mode (please tell me where to find out the mode).

don’t know where to find the settings in the default app, but guess pictures would be stored with HDR in the name if you would use it… you could test open camera which should be better at least quality wise and probably also speed wise, have nver tested against each other in this regard.

Edit: issues not completely related, but there it is stated it starts faster

It’s the HDR icon at the top.

I have no such problems with the deafult app, Open Camera or Nitika Gcam.

Hi Olli,

I can only suggest this apk (NGCam_7.4.104-v2.0_eng.apk), because it has the best processing time of HDR+ pictures and the adjustment in the settings, which allows you to double press the lock button to access the camera directly!

Hope it helps!

From my experience Open Camera is very bad speed wise. I mean by there in bad light conditions it sometimes goes up to 10 seconds, and normal speed is about 2-3 seconds. Perhaps not as slow as stated, but still quite slow. The default Lineage camera is the only one that is fast enough from the ones I tested IMO.

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For what’s it worth, my Google Pixel 3 also sometimes has some difficulties starting the camera. But then it’s about 2-3 seconds. Maybe it’s a memory issue? 4GB might be not enough for 2021.

In the camera app the HDR-Icon is stroked out (so it seems that HDR is not active),

My problem is the delay of 5 seconds, when the phone is locked and I press the power-button twice to unlock the camera app.
This delay caused that the situation is over, before I can take the photo.
It is not the time that the camera takes to take the picture.


I use the fingerprint reader . One touch and then tap the camera app ~ all in a second ~ ok sometimes two :slight_smile:

The double tap on the power button brings me to my unlock key request??

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There’s a setting which makes double-pressing the power button open the camera App.
In /e/ it’s called “Jump to camera”, I don’t know whether this is universal across different Android OSes.

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Yes I have that enabled in FOS A10 but as I have a number lock on the screen it then requires that ??

Could you perhaps record the delay with another phone? I’m interested in how bad it is and if it’s worse than my Pixel sometimes has. Thanks for considering.

So are you really waiting 5 seconds after the double press on the power button, that is quite a while. So what happens to the lock screen? Does that disppear or is that part of the delay?

My Fairphone 3+ is now locked, the screen is black.
I press the power button twice, the screen stays black for 5 seconds.
Then I see the camera app and can take a picture.
I see no lock screen.


What sort of lock do you have?

It is exactly the same behavior on my FP2, I use Lineage OS 18.1…

I have “Jump to camera” enabled. If the screen is off (locked), double-pressing the power button opens the camera immediately, no lock screen1. I would say the camera is active within 1 second.
FP3+, standard FP Android 10 distribution, August update, app: Open Camera. Mode: STD, resolution 1024x768 which is enough for most of my needs.

1 Of course if I try to “go” outside the camera app, such as trying to launch another app or even changing Open Camera app settings, then the lock screen appears.


I have a 6 digits PIN code to unlock my phone or my finger print.
But if I press the power button twice, none of them is required.


Thanks I will check my settings ~ again.