Fairphone 3+, camera, running out of space

fairphone 3+, camera, Your SD card is running out of space
when I open the camera App, I always get “Your SD card is running out of space. Change the quality setting or delete some images or other files”. However, when I look in the settings, I find Storage set to “Phone”.
I can set Storage to “SD card”, but am still unable to take photos/videos. When closing/opening the app again, Storage is set back to “Phone”.
Storage on Internal is 4,5 GB free
Storage on SD card is 48GB free (of a 128GB SD card)
SD card is mounted as Portable Storage
Power off/on: does not help
Restart: does not help
Clearing the cache of the camera app: does not help
Ejecting/mounting the SD card: does not help
It all started with the last FP update some days ago.
So at the moment I have a phone with a camera and can not take pictures/videos :frowning:
Any other suggestions/help?

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