Fairphone 3 Camera issue

My Fairphone 3 has just stopped recording photos or videos. With photos you hear the shutter sound but the image is black. It won’t launch the media recorder for video. Anyone come across this problem (which is, incredibly, the first I’ve had with the Fairphone 3 a month in to my ownership of it - incredibly because I was a long-time and long-suffering Fairphone 1 & 2 owner).
Thanks, Alexis

Hopefully you’ve tried deleting the cache and rebooting :slight_smile:

You could also try another camera app. F-droid > Open camera and see if that works?

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Yes, I tried deleting the cache and the storage but that didn’t work.

I can’t find F-droid in Google Play.

F-Droid is an alternative app store, not a camera app itself.

The camera app recommended is “Open Camera”. You should find it in both the Google Play Store and F-Droid.


If you have an SD card in the phone, make sure it’s formatted as external storage, not used as Internal Storage, as this can lead to general problems with file access.
Perhaps the camera App has trouble creating files and/or saving.


I have an SD card in the phone but it seems to be formatted as external storage because in Settings it says that the Internal Shared Storage is 64GB, that the total storage is 96GB and that the SanDisk SD card is 32GB. But thanks.

Ah, ah, ah ! C’est marrant. Merci. Ok, ca a marché. Open Camera a pu prendre une photo. Donc c’est l’app Camera sur le Fairphone 3 qui déconne ? Je l’enleve et je le réinstalle ? Mais je ne vois pas Camera sur Google Play ; c’est un app de Fairphone ? Merci

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Rather seems a internal SD card. Could you send a screenshot?

:fr: Impossible, tu ne peux l’enlever et la réinstaller, c’est en efet une appli système. Essaie de vider le stockage de l’appli déjà. Et ensuite ça reste possible que ce soit un problème lié à la carte-SD.

:uk: Impossible, you can’t un- and reinstall it, it’s indeed a system app. Try first to empty the storage of the app. And then it remains possible it’s a problem linked to the SD-card.


@Alex.A Hi Alex - screenshot attached.

How do I empty the storage of the Camera app please?

Settings > Apps and notifications > See all ## apps > Camera >
Force stop

storage and cache > clear storage / cache

assuming you don’t mean clear the camera bin of deleted photos to free up memory

Well, I already cleared the storage/cache, as per an earlier post. So I assumed you meant that there was another way to remove all photos from the Camera app.

The photos are not held in the camera app, they will be on the phone’s memory or an SD card if you use one.

From your screen shot it looks like you have the SD card as internal storage which could be the root of your problem. If it was used as a separate drive it would have an eject symbol to the right, which is not shown on your screen shot.


Ok so I’ve reformatted the SD card as portable. And rebooted my Fairphone 3. And… HURRAY! The Camera app is taking pictures again. Thank you!


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