Fairphone 3+ and Lebara SIM

Hello, I am a Fairphone 3+ user since 3 years and a half. I’ve always had 2 SIM cards in my phone (one for my French number, and another one for my Spanish number). I recently changed my French company to Lebara, and since then the SIM card does not have Internet nor connection on my FP3. I contacted the Lebara client service and did a test on another phone: the Lebara SIM card works correctly on my old Xiaomi. After talking with the company, we came to the conclusion it was a problem of the Fairphone, so here I am explaining my problem.
I also tested to only have the Lebara SIM on slot 1 without a second SIM on the phone, it still does not get any Internet.

It is very annoying to have my French number (the one I use the most) on an old phone, which is kind of obligating me to buy a new phone, cause my old Xiaomi almost has no battery and has the screen a bit broken.

My spanish SIM card is on DIGI and it is working well on the fp3, however with Lebara it is another story. What could be failing on the fp3?

Thanks in advance for your attention.


I had no data connection in germany with different AldiTalk sim cards on 2 FP2 some month ago. I got the theory that maybe Telefonica (the network provider) doesn’t have any frequencies/encoding combinations in use any more which are compatible with the frequencies/encodings that the FP2 offers.

You could try the Lebara sim card in an old phone that has a similar connectivity like the FP3.

I looked the technical data up at the box on the right (desktop view, don’t know what’s up with mobile view), line “connectivity” of Fairphone 3 - Wikipedia and compared it with another phone from family or friends. Then you could try it with that phone. Maybe it is possible to look up the frequencies that the company are using, but that doesn’t mean that these frequencies are available at your location. Sometimes they switch off older encodings to provide higher data rates to modern phones and have more throughput in total.

Did Lebara support guide you through checking the all-important APN (Access point names) settings?

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I tried the Lebara Sim card on an old phone and it works, I have Internet data and calls/SMS. I have also formatted my Fairphone 3+ and try again if it worked, but I can only do calls/SMS, but no Internet data so far.

Lebara uses Orange network, which is quite a big French company, so I don’t understand why FP3+ would not have the frequencies/encodings of Orange. It is a big pity, cause Lebara is a company that provides me with less data (I don’t use a lot and I don’t need to pay for a big capacity like the 80GB that big companies obligate you to pay for).
I’m thinking of buying a new phone, but it’s stupid cause my FP3+ works perfectly fine, and the aim of FP is to use as long as possible…
Otherwise I don’t know if there’s a support contact of Fairphone that I could contact?

Thank you in any case for your reply! Didn’t think about the frequency/encoding of the phone.

Can you confirm your APN settings are correctly set now for Lebara (see my post above)?
These can be (or become) incorrect on any phone e.g. with technical changes on the network provider side, that’s why you as a user can set or change them and why mobile network providers have the correct settings somewhere on their websites.