FAIRPHONE 3 and 3+ A13 - Fingerprint sensor update

Before reading this thread, I had I tried to delete the fingerprints stored on my FP3 in order to reset the biometry settings (in Settings > Security > Fingerprint).

I was able to delete Fingerprint 1, but when I now try to delete a fingerprint, it warns me about the deletion, marks it grayed, but doesn’t delete it. I also can’t add new fingerprints (+ Add fingerprint is visible but grayed out).

That is fine. But some people are forced to use those broken-by-design apps for work, so they’re now out of the target audience. Additionally, the fingerprint option provides protection from eavesdropping, allowing you to use things that require extra protection in public. I have used this to transfer money at a yard sale, for instance, which would’ve been a problem for me if I had to use the bank app PIN for that. Not to mention that the passphrase for my password managers long, and I have no problems entering it once or twice a day, but not every time i need a password (which is often in my line of work).

IMHO there is not much of a practical difference between this and planned obsolescence: A feature we use (and some of us need) is being removed due to an update, and if we want to keep using it we are forced to either flash to a custom rom or buy a new phone. It’s just so disappointing.


@tjeb I agree to 100%! You describe my concerns perfectly.


Years ago when still working I cherished the fingerprint sensor on my Lenovo X301 which very conveniently allowed locking/unlocking in public. So I really can understand your/anyone’s frustration, esp. when he/she/d is forced to use the sensor, but that doesn’t invalidate my statement.
Fairphone communicatevely f*cked up badly (again) and has to reevaluate their support strategy regarding Google’s developement processes/goals.


Hi Marta,
It’s really a pitty and a major anger that knowing this, FP still send notification for upgrade with NO warning…
One 1 hand really happy to (hopefully) be allowed to upgrade to Anodroid13 but on the other hand really disappointed of this miscommunication.

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I tried but didn’t find out how to by my self… please add UBSmobielpass (error) as well as Twint (disabled)

Confirming : after A13 update of my Fp3+, bank applications and password holders can not be open with fingertip. : Enpass and Wise.

this is, obviously, ultimately annoying.

Enpass team writing :

“according to the Android 13 compatibility guidelines, your device may possess class 2 biometric capabilities. However, our system relies on a crypto object that necessitates class 3 biometrics. As a result, if the device only supports class 2 (weaker) biometrics, the Android system will restrict the usage of crypto functions. Consequently, we are unable to extend support for biometric functionality in this scenario.”

I need change the phone (or change to Lneage?).


There is a warning now (sorry only german):

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This is a bit sad. Was very much looking forward to A13. I have got rather long passwords on my security apps, which are ok to type on desktop, but on the phone - only on rare occasions. Can’t type them each time I need a password, etc.
So that means A11 for the time being, hoping there will be a solution - which doesn’t seem likely atm - and eventually buy a new phone once security updates stop … ;(
Well, FP tries at least.

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Does anyone know how do I stop this update popping up? Is disabling ‘automatic system updates’ in developer options enough to stop the nag?

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FP have abandonded A11 so security updates have already stopped unless you are on A13. I think?

Usually that is the case, yes. Most likely there will be no security updates anymore for the A11 branch, except for the PlayStore-updates and apps itself.

So if you want to keep up with security updates - which is very recommended, of course - you most likely have to type the long and complicated passwords :frowning:
Or go with a custom ROM or another phone.

I guess that was the plan. But after the echo now, maybe they will change their mind and support FP11 at least as long as Google is supplying updates.

Did you check already, whether your apps are affected at all:

If FP did run parallel updates for A11 and A13, how would it work? A13 is being pushed again apparently so all OTA updates from now on will be for A13. Could an update for A11 be done by manually downloading a file for example? I’m not optimistic FP will do any more for A11.

It was of course just a wild guess, as I’m not a Fairphone employee and for sure not a part of the development team.

I appreciate your wild guess. As for you not being an employee, I guessed. Well employees don’t engage with this community. Probably not allowed to except to release official statements.

Will there be any fix soon, or do I need to roll back to ansroid 11?

All we know, you can read above.


I had the same issue, had to do a restart before being able to delete the last one


This issue is caused by […] the lack of support from our fingerprint sensor manufacturer.

I really hope that Fairphone can drive the OEM manufacturer to find a solution. I didn’t realize that I have so many applications which now don’t work well anymore. I wish that beta-testers and other nasty commenters in this forum stating the fingerprint is useless or even bad just realize that it is very very handy for many people and it shouldn’t be an underestimated feature of the phone.
The good thing though, is that the apps are very fluid with the Android 13, everything is faster. Fingerprint is the only hickup. Thanks Fairphone to fight programmed obscolescence with continued Android support, keep up the job with your OEM fingerprint sensor vendor.