FAIRPHONE 3 and 3+ A13 - Fingerprint sensor update

I habe es versucht am Telefon zum Laufen zu bringen. Leider ohne Erfolg, weil die App verweigert den Login wegen der “nicht aktivierten” Biometriefunktion. Anführungsstriche weil Biometrie ist aktiv nur eben leider ist der Sicherheitsstandard zu niedrig.

Ich würde mich nicht mit dem Phone herumärgern, wenn man sowieso auf Yubi ausweichen muss.

@PS: Forum message, “this topic has been solved”… no it has not, you gave up on it.

Habe heute erfolgreich meinen YubiKey Security Key C NFC aktiviert und zwar unter ubuntu mit Chromium. Aktivierung mit Firefox schlug fehl bei der Stelle, wo ich einen PIN für den YubiKey vergeben hätte müssen (das Fenster kam nicht, stattdessen eine Warnmeldung von Firefox).
Anwendung in Firefox ist ohne weiteres möglich - keine Probleme. Nur für die Aktivierung bin ich auf Chromium ausgewichen.
Die Anwendung war die Handy-Signatur inkl. Umstieg zur ID-Austria. Für mich ist das Thema gegessen und ich kann somit auch weiter beim Fairphone 3 bleiben - juhu.


I have been using A13 on my FP3+ for a while now. Murat_Kayi sums up exactly what my experience is so far.

The whole idea of Fairphone degrades if I feel forced to change phones already.
Sure, I can still make calls.

I guess an important lesson here, is that you cannot make a moderately fast phone and expect it to last several major Android upgrades.

Habe eine Anleitung gefunden, die keinen Fingerprint verlangt für die ID Austria. Die App “A-Trust Signatur”.

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Aber zum Login brauchst du jetzt immer einen PC und den Key, oder?

Die wird aber jetzt gerade abgeschafft, oder?

There is another thread about the fingerprint reader problem in German so please use English in this one.


correct, this sensible things I do on my Notebook and not with my smartphone.

Handy-Signatur will be merged to ID Austria. And the described solutions work with ID Austria, which will be part of EU-ID in the future.

Hi, there are so many messages about this and as users we have not received any clear solution to this. You promised a phone that would last. Not only the phone has been buggy and slow but now we need to choose between having a useless phone or having to stay with an old OS and postponing the update notification every single day.
I cannot understand how you are not solving this. You promised, we paid lots of money for a meh-quality phone, you should provide a replacement for the sensor, it is that simple. On top of that, you are marketing the new phone, sending lots of spam emails about it as it was all rainbows and smiles, while those who believed in the cause are now left behind.
I used to be proud of this product but now, every time someone spots that I have a “weird” phone and asks, I tell them it is not worth it at all. Just provide a solution, it should be illegal to promise years of support and then do this.

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Sorry, I didn’t know about the other thread, I was just answering in the language I saw. Since it’s a problem specific to Austria, it is also irrelevant to the wider audience.

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TBH I have callused fingertips and none of my FP3/3+ phone fingerprint sensors work. It would be nice to be able to use it, but it’s not possible- after 10-15 minutes of the system trying to learn my print I gave up.

I really agree on your points, the idea and the trust are (were) key reasons to buy a FP for me as well.

In fact, a couple of years ago a switched from the ShiftPhone 5.3 to FP3, because at this time Shift had issues with providing updates for the 5.3 due to some closed-source vendor software that was included in the OS for this phone for some device drivers or whatever. Guess, that these kind of issues might be hard to avoid on the way when starting the journey to develop a fair, modular, and open phone.

Maybe, it’s time to check if Shift got things sorted in the meantime. I think I read that for the current modular phones (since 2019), they tried to improve the OS situation as well and now deliver two versions of their ShiftOS and rely on as much open source driver as possible, but didn’t check the status yet.

However, I’d prefer to have the option to upgrade the fingerprint sensor hardware. That’s what a modular phone should be about, right?

BTW: If there is no official upgrade for the sensor - is this something the community could develop? Is the modular design of the FP hardware actually open to allow improvements from the community? (In case there is someone in the community who is capable and willing to go in this direction…)

I would also buy a new fingerprint reader/module, which allows to work with “Digitales Amt” in Austria. By the way, all Austrians must now switch to the new system, which requires authentification with a finger print sensor!

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I dont live in Austria, however others found ways without smartphone

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The correct answer in German to this information is: “But it’s being abolished now, isn’t it?” The new systemrequires fingerprint or an external FIDO token. The latter is very impractical and requires an additional investment.

It is really very annoying that FP has not yet developed any other solution and that - contrary to the basic concept of FP, which I support - you have to replace an FP 3(3+) that you only recently bought in order to be able to work with the government’s “Digital Office”. Incidentally, this is an anticipation of the EU standard and the problem will probably also affect other FP 3 users in other European countries in the future.

In my view, quite a few posts in this thread are trying to minimise the problem. I also find that very annoying.

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Same here, we would probably buy 2 or 3.

I’m located in Austria.
ID Austria is so far working with A trust authenticator with a pin code. (PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=at.atrust.tanapp )
The (recommended) fido2 security yubikey is not working with the web-authentication (chrome and Firefox)

Bitwarden (2013-12-0) is unable to recognize biometric feature

Bison App (v3.17.0) is unable to enable biometric feature

eAusweise (electronic verification of driving license) won’t start because it has no security feature other than biometrics. (PlayStore link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=at.gv.oe.awp.eausweise

(I’m unable to add these apps to the summary-post maybe someone else can add my notes)

Even if the overall performance and security level has been improved the value of the fairphone 3 has been decreased.

I would buy 2 upgraded biometric sensors,too…