Fairphone 3 A.0101 update

Whats new in Fairphone3A.0101 update?

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See here

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Since the update, VOWifi, VOLTE doesnt work…

Weird that there are no release notes.


This update has fixed a bug on camera app: when camera was used from lock screen (double press power button to open) and when picture was taken, user was able to access all photos on smartphone.

I have the same problem, i can’t use 4G or Wifi.

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That’s not the same problem.

VoLTE means the phone making phone calls on the 4G network instead of falling back to 2G for it.
VoWiFi means the phone making phone calls over the internet via WiFi (but still with your mobile network provider, not with an extra App).

If those don’t work, it might be inconvenient, but by far not as serious as …

… which would mean you can’t use the 4G network at all and WiFi doesn’t work at all for you.

Which is it?


A new problem after the October Update: There are no current apps shown when pressing the app-button down on the right.
I’m running the FP3 with the evie launcher (which I find very good btw).
Any ideas?

Here we go (out of date) again.

Local vulnerability, requires just a malicious app (should also allow root)

Everything work before the update, after the update i always had the 4G detect but it didn’t work and the smartphone didn’t want connect to a wifi (mine or wifi of university).
I reset the factory settings and now it works again…

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