Fairphone 2 will not charge

For a few days now my fairphone 2 is not charging anymore.

I have tried multiple cables, multiple plugs, via USB on my laptop on directly on a wall - and the result is the same: it shows it is charging but I can leave it for hours and the battery % will not increase or just by very little. Once unplugged the phone will die after a few minutes

Another weird thing: if I try and charge the phone for some time (say 10mins) and then unplug it, it often still shows as charging for a fews mins.

Fairphone 2 with Fairphone OS 17.12.1 and no news apps installed since this started happening.

Try a battery reset as explained in the #batteryguide. If that doesn’t help either your battery, bottom module or main module is defective.

I had a similar problem. Sometimes phone charged, but with very low amount of A. You can check this e.g. with an app like “Ampere”. Sometimes it didn’t at all. That even changed if I soft pressed the USB cable/plug in different directions. My problem was caused by broken soldering points of the bottom module. A replacement of my bottom module solved the problem.

I tried this and no change. My phone seems to be charging properly on the outside but the battery stays at 0% and a few % more. Then it dies in a few minutes. Will contact Fairphone support to have it checked. Thanks for the quick answers.

Now the update is that it will not charge at all anymore. Posted a ticket 7 days ago, no answers yet… :frowning:

Here is how you change that.

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